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Women in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Women in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This is a list of the 448 women who are in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. [2]



  • Diana Adachi (Chief Executive Officer at Pegasus Fintech)

  • Cherie Aimée (Director of Communications for ShipChain)

  • Liza Aizupiete (Co-Founder and Managing Director at Globitex)

  • Renata Akhunova (Managing Director at Zenman)

  • Julie Albright (Advisor of DNXCommunity)

  • Olive Allen (Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Decadent)

  • Alyze Sam (Blockchain strategist)

  • Arisa Amano (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Harbor (blockchain))

  • Natalia Ameline

  • Gabriela Andrada (Finance and Technology/ Financial Markets Lead Specialist at Inter-American Development Bank)

  • Tara Annison (Product Manager at Lendingblock)

  • Fahima Anwar (Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communications at dubtokens | Blockchain Marketer)

  • Harshita Arora (Developer at Harshita Apps)

  • Adryenn Ashley (Digital Marketing Maven, #Blockchain #ICO #Crypto Influencer, Starting Global Conversations that Matter)

  • Susan Athey (Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business)

  • Sarah Austin (Product Marketing Consultant at SAP)

  • Margaux Avedisian (Executive Vice President at Transform Group)


  • Cécile Baird (Co-Founder Decentrl.Agency & Blockchain For Good)

  • Jessi Baker (Founder at Provenance)

  • Vivie-Ann Bakos (Co-Founder of Artemis Blockchain Collective)

  • Amber Baldet

  • Liya Belenska (Customer Due Diligence Associate at ‎ BitPay)

  • Morgan Beller Hecht (Head of Stategy for Calibra and the Co-creator of Libra)

  • Galia Benartzi (Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, Bancor)

  • Tina Berger (Strategic Consultant — Change Management)

  • Sarah Bergstrand (COO of BitBull Capital)

  • Eva Beylin (Social Experimenter with the Ethereum Foundation)

  • Anu Bhardwaj (Founder at Women INVESTING in Women DIGITAL | The State of Women Radio and TV Network)

  • Tina Bhatnagar (VP of Operations & Technology at Coinbase)

  • Ria Mrinalini Bhutoria (Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer of EOS Detroit)

  • Diana Biggs

  • Duena Blomstrom

  • Perianne Boring (President at Chamber of Digital Commerce)

  • Nicole Boyar (Founding Member of shEOS)

  • Diane Brady

  • Kathleen Breitman (Co-Founder and Operations, Tezos)

  • Nina Breznik (Core Developer, Remix.Ethereum.org)

  • Naomi Brockwell (Producer, Emcee at cryptocurrency conferences)

  • Becky Brook (Business Development, Licensing & Strategy Consultant)

  • Alison Burger (Creator of WomenofCrypto)

  • Donna (Sokolsky) Burke (Co-Founder of Sparkpr)

  • Eileen Burbidge

  • Emily Rudolph Bush (Director at Digital Network Advisors)

  • Valeria Bystrowicz (Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency Attorney)


  • Leah Callon-Butler (Co-Founder & Engagement Director at intimate)

  • Jenny Calpu (Media Production, EOS Go)

  • Tammy Camp (Founder/ CEO of Stronghold (cryptocurrency exchange))

  • Nicole Campa (Manager at Distributed Global)

  • Jill Carlson (Cryptocurrency Advisor)

  • Amanda Cassatt (CMO of ConsenSys)

  • Audrey Chaing (Cryptocurrency Trader and Blockchain Analyst at blockchaing)

  • Roseanna (Rose) Chan (Founder of the World Bank Blockchain Working Group)

  • Emmie Chang

  • Emma Channing (CEO and General Counsel at the Satis Group)

  • Irena Chaushevska (Edu, FinTech & Space Entrepreneur I Polymath I Seed Investor)

  • Elizabeth Chee (Co-Founder and COO of the HIT Foundation)

  • Charlene Chen (COO at BitPesa)

  • Lisa Cheng (Founder of Vanbex Group)

  • Gwen Cheni (Investor & Entrepreneur)

  • Cindy Chin (Entrepreneur & Venture Strategist | 企业家 | Dare Mighty Things)

  • Courtney Chin (Business Operations Associate at Coinbase)

  • Susanne Chishti (CEO of FINTECH Circle)

  • Allison Clift-Jennings (CEO at Filament)

  • Heather Clifton (Vice President of Marketing, IBM Blockchain)

  • Sharon Weed Cocco (Director of Blockchain Development)

  • Claire Cockerton

  • Kelsey Cole (Co-Founder and CSo of Adbank)

  • Catherine Coley (CEO of Binance US)

  • Anne Connelly

  • Rachel Cook (Founder/CEO at Seeds Inc.)

  • Claudia Coppenolle (Head of Digital Market Management, CCM, Deutsche Bank)

  • Andy Coravos (Co-Founder of Elektra Labs)

  • Lori Corpuz (Executive Producer of 4thBlockConference)

  • George Coxon (Head of Operations and Partnerships at Nano)

  • Sherri Cuono (Co-Founder & CEO of Futurist Vidable)


  • Naomi Dabby

  • Eleesa Dadiani

  • Nadine Damblon (CEO of HydroMiner)

  • Nicole Damblon (CFO of HydroMiner)

  • Alexandra Damsker (Educator on blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO. Innovative blockchain marketplace, strategic/legal advisor)

  • Devika Darbari (COO at Cobalt)

  • Veronica Mihai Das (Founding Partner & Head of Investor Relations at Bloomwater Capital)

  • Pamela Day (Founder, CEO & Principal of Paladin Trust, Founding Member of shEOS)

  • Primavera De Filippi (Legal researcher at CNRS Paris & Faculty Associate at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School)

  • Adel De Meyer (Co-Founder of DAPS Coin, Host of Blockchain Chat)

  • Maria Concepcion de Monteverde (Innovation/Blockchain Project Manager, Banco Santander)

  • Marguerite deCourcelle (coin_artist) (CEO of Blockade Games)

  • Meltem Demirors (Vice President at Digital Currency Group | WEF Blockchain Council | MIT MediaLab)

  • Michelle Dick (Software Engineer, formerly BitMesh)

  • Desiree Dickerson (Blockchain and Digital Currency Fellow at Women for Women International)

  • Donna Dillenberger (Vice President and IBM Fellow)

  • Helen Disney (Founder of Unblocked, Founding Partner of Dots Ventures)

  • Sheri Dizon (Executive Producer and Host of Digital Coin Millionaires)

  • Cristina Dolan (Co-Founder & COO iXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab)

  • Elya Katir Dolev (Co-Founder & CTO of Greeneum)

  • Louise Doorn (Founder & CEO ofMaaS (company))

  • Katya Dorozhkina

  • Ola Doudin (Cofounder & CEO at BitOasis)

  • Yasmeen Drummond (Co-Founder of Women in Blockchain, Founder of Team Block Society)

  • Lara Druyan (Managing Director and Head of Innovation, West Coast Royal Bank of Canada)

  • Nicola Duke (Technical Analyst at ForexAnalytix)

  • Marla Dukharan (Chief Economist at Bitt Inc.)

  • Lidia Carmina Dumitrascu (Partner, VentureBoost Group)


  • Sally Eaves (Blockchain Author, at Blockbrain)

  • Millie Efraim- CEO and Cofounder of CryptKeep

  • Liesl Eichholz (Blockchain Advisor, Business Development Executive at Centrality)

  • Mona El Isa (Founder and Member of the Board, Melonport AG)

  • Dima Elissa (Serial techpreneur, 3D AI Biomed Printing, TEDx Speaker, Connector, Investor, Mentor, Board Member, DI&I STEMm, Educator)

  • Friederike Ernst (COO of Gnosis, General Secretary at BundesBlock)

  • Taviona Evans (CEO of $Guap)


  • Olga Feldmeier (CEO of Smart Valor)

  • Ali Finkelstein (Developer at Lightyear.io / Stellar)

  • Laney Fisher (Chief Creative Officer, and Co-Founder of Oaken Innovations)

  • Heather Leigh Flannery (Global Lead of ConsenSys Health)

  • Tracy Fong (Partner — PE, VC, & Real Assets at Albourne Partners)

  • Fareshteh Forough (Founder & CEO of Code to Inspire)

  • Karyl Fowler (Co-Founder and CEO, Transmute Industries)

  • Giselle Frederick (Founder & CEO of Zingr)

  • Paige Freeman (Chief Business Development Officer at New Alchemy)

  • Orphelia Fu (Mixed Media Artist, Blockchain Bohemian)

  • Annick Fuchs (Startup lawyer in the Silicon Valley and Europe, ex-Director Legal at PayPal)

  • Mai Fujimoto (Bitcoin donation platform KIZUNA)


  • Connie Gallippi (Founder / Executive Director of BitGive)

  • Daria Generalova (Co-Founder of ICOBox)

  • Alice Lloyd George (Investor at RRE Ventures)

  • Shawi Ghaderi (Executive Assistant at ShipChain)

  • Jillian Godsil (CryptoCurrency Journalist at CCN)

  • Sharon Goldberg (Co-Founder and CEO of Arwen, Associate Professor at Boston University)

  • Sarah L.M. Golden (Compliance Operations Associate at Flexport)

  • Shafi Goldwasser (RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, Professor of mathematical sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

  • Maria Paola Gomez Gelvez (Strategy and Operations at Aragon)

  • Maria Gomez (Aragon) (Head of Strategy & Operations at Aragon)

  • Marcela Ribeiro Gonçalves (Co-Founder at Blockchain Brasil Org)

  • Daria Gonzalez (Co-Founder & CEO of Wunderdogs)

  • Jemma Green (Cofounder & Chair, Power Ledger)

  • Ann E. Greenberg (Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor and Thought Leader. Co-Founder: ION, Gracenote & Sceneplay)

  • Vanessa Grellet (Executive Director of ConsenSys)

  • Jen Greyson (CEO, Powered by Neureal℠)

  • Shannon Grinnell (Host of the Speaking of Crypto podcast)

  • Magdalena Gronowska (Founder of WE MINE & Managing Partner at LUMO network)

  • Wanyun Gu (Asia Community Manager, shEOS)

  • Alexsandra Guerra (Director of Strategic Planning at Nori (blockchain company))

  • Kavita Gupta (Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys)

  • Lisa Gus (Founder & CEO at WishKnish)

  • Amanda Gutterman (CMO at ConsenSys)


  • Hanna Halaburda

  • Charlotte Halkett

  • Sara Hanks (CEO of Crowdcheck)

  • Brooke Hansen (Social Media Director GoChain)

  • Elizabeth Hansson (CTO of EtherBlockchain.io)

  • Kathryn Harrison (blockchain) (Product Management Leader & Blockchain Innovator, IBM)

  • Kathryn Haun (Board of Directors member at Coinbase)

  • Tiffany Hayden

  • Yi He (何一, Co-Founder of Binance)

  • Nataliya Hearn

  • Imogen Heap (CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition)

  • Stacy Herbert

  • Sandy Hill (Chairwoman of Artemis Blockchain Collective)

  • Antonie Hodge (Finance and Operations Director at Coin Center)

  • Sarah I. Hody ( Attorney, Associate at Perkins Coie)

  • Lina Hong (Founder of Crypto Minds Global)

  • Wei Hopeman (Director of Abra)

  • Liza Horowitz

  • Jess Houlgrave (Co-founder & COO at Codex Protocol, Co-founder of shEOS)

  • Karen Hsu (Head of Growth at BlockCypher)

  • Maggie Hsu (Business Development at AirSwap)

  • Tina Hui (CEO & Founder at Follow the Coin)


  • Ruja Ignatova (Founder of Onecoin)

  • Akasha Indream (Engagement Director of IoMob, Founder of MissBlockchain, Women in Blockchain Impact Group and Book of Blockchain)

  • Alakanani Itireleng (Founder of Satoshicentre)

  • Anna Ivkova (Development Project Manager at Nynja (blockchain platform))

  • Saya Iwasaki (Empowerment Designer and Blockchain Educator)


  • Rachel Jackson (Program Director, IBM)

  • Wendy Jackson

  • Sheila James (VEEM) (Vice President of Operations at Veem (formerly Align Commerce)

  • Sudha Jamthe (CEO of IoT Disruptions)

  • Caroline Jaquiss (Chief of Staff at Polychain Capital)

  • Chez Jennings (Talent Sourcer at Wyre)

  • Jennifer Jiang (Co-Founder of BlockTest LLC)

  • Amanda B. Johnson

  • Aashima Johur (Blockchain Consultant)

  • Maria Jones (VP at CoinTelegraph Media Group)

  • Neira Jones

  • Elyse Jupiter (Co-Founder & CEO of Lightning Labs)


  • Nicolette Kahen

  • Elvina Kamalova (Founder of Coin Master Club, Head of Growth at BlockMason)

  • Erica Kang (Founder & CEO of KryptoSeoul)

  • Natalia Karayaneva (Founder and CEO at Propy Inc.)

  • Preethi Kasireddy (Founder & CEO at Schelling)

  • Gabrielle Katsnelson (Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder at SMBX; Investor)

  • Lily Katz (reporter for Bloomberg, covers cryptocurrency, fintech, and real estate)

  • Leanne Kemp (Founder & CEO at Everledger)

  • Ahalya Kethees (Executive Coach and Facilitator for Tech Leaders and Teams)

  • Irra Ariella Khi (CEO | Aviation Security at VChain Technology)

  • Alyse Killeen (Venture Capital Investor)

  • Esther Kim (business executive) (Head of IBM Blockchain North America Cross Industry Solutions)

  • Hannah Kim (Founder & COO at Mifiel)

  • Joyce Kim (VC at SparkChain Capital, Board Member of Literacy Bridge, and Co-founder of Stellar)

  • Koh Kim (Advisor at Refereum)

  • Marissa Kim (Partner at ARKVC)

  • Min H. Kim (Co-Founder & Head of Growth at the Bee Token)

  • Lea Kissner (Chief Privacy Officer at Humu)

  • Angela Tran Kingyens (Investor at Version One Ventures)

  • Joshua Ashley Klayman Kuzar (Chair, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Legal Working Group; Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Blockchain + Smart Contracts Group)

  • Tatiana Koffman (Venture Advisor, Distributed Network Advisors)

  • Angie Krackeler

  • Alexandra Levin Kramer (Blockchain Attorney)

  • Myrle Krantz (Solution Architect at Kuelap, Inc., Committer and Vice President, Apache Fineract)

  • Usha Krishnan (Global Black Belt Blockchain Architect at Microsoft, Founder of ChainGenie)

  • Jordan Kruger (CEO & Co-Founder of Eclipse Wallet, Director of Research & Operations at Bloq)

  • Valerie Krutanova (CEO &Founder of Majesty Alliance)

  • Oxana Kunets (Co-Founder of Storifier)

  • Beth Kurteson (Chief of Staff at Gemini)

  • Katherine Kuzmeskas (Co-Founder, SimplyVital Health)

  • Jacqueline Kwok (Director of Business Development, Asia Markets -Securitize)


  • Sharon LaDay (Blockchain Ecosystem Leader, IBM)

  • Ingrid LaFleur (Chief Community Officer at EOS Detroit)

  • Danielle Laity (Product Manager at Luno)

  • Toni Lane Casserly (Founder @ CULTU.RE)

  • Kamales Lardi (Founder ofBoombloc, President of Women in Blockchain Switzerland)

  • Evelina Lavrova (Marketing & PR Director at WavesWorld)

  • Aymiee Lee (Blockchain, Crypto and Sofware Engineer, Co-Founder of Space Payments)

  • Songyi Lee (Communication Guru at Coinplug)

  • Jaclyn Leneé (Senior Product Designer, Purse)

  • Vivienne Lee (Founder, YouMeWho)

  • Kelly LeValley Hunt (Former Global Vice President of Sales at BlockApps)

  • Tracy Leparulo

  • Zhazira Lepess (CEO & Founder of ZAZA)

  • Genevieve Leveille (Founder and CEO, AgriLedger, Co-Chair, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Working Group)

  • Rhian Lewis (Director at Salvia Media Services, Technology Consultant)

  • Mimi Kaming Li (Chief Crypto Officer, Founder of The Crypto Girl Blog)

  • Minna Liang

  • Lindsay Lin (Counsel & Program Manager at ‎ Lightyear.io)

  • Jane Lippencott (Co-Founder & Head of Academic Partnerships & Programmes at ZenCash)

  • Dori Liszkai (Management Consultant | Blockchain | Artificial Intelligence | Industrial & Consumer IoT | Security & Privacy)

  • Lily Liu (Co-Founder of Earn.com)

  • Suzanne Livingston (Director of Product Management, IBM Food Trust)

  • Kelly Loeffler (CEO of Bakkt)

  • Caitlin Long (Chairman of the Board & President at Symbiont) [7]

  • Soulla Louca (Director of Blockchain Initiative, Professor in the Management & MIS Department at the University of Nicosia)

  • Janina Lowisz

  • Eileen Lowry (Program Director, IBM Blockchain Labs & Garage, North America)

  • Christine Lu


  • Jamie M (Founder Strongurl LLC)

  • Simona Macellari (Director of BHB Network GmbH)

  • Tiffany Madison (Partner at DecentraNet)

  • Roya Mahboob

  • Megan Maloney (Associate at General Catalyst)

  • Pia Mancini (Co-Founder at Open Collective)

  • Loredana Manushaqa (Head of Business Development at Darico)

  • Olivia Marczuk (CEO & Founder of OM3)

  • Melanie Marsollier (Manager at Ernst & Young)

  • Tricia Martinez (CEO & Founder of Wala and the Dala Token)

  • Blythe Masters (CEO of Digital Asset (company))

  • Lindsey Maule (Head of Cryptocurrency Research at Precursor Ventures)

  • Rachel Mayer (Senior Product Manager at Circle)

  • Cindy McAdam (Former CEO at Xapo)

  • Megan McCarthy (Founder & CEO at powerWHYS)

  • Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley (Bitcoin and Blockchain business developer at bridge21, Global Business Development Head at Coinsecure)

  • Masha McConaghy (Founder & CMO at BigchainDB)

  • Michelle McCormack (Crypto Columnist for NY Observer, CEO and Founder of Casting Coin)

  • Brigid McDermott (Vice President of IBM Food Trust)

  • Nathalie McGrath (Director of People at Coinbase)

  • Veronica McGregor (Partner at Goodwin Procter)

  • Shikha Mehra (International Tax & Blockchain Consultant)

  • Thessy Mehrain (Innovation at ConsenSys)

  • Rhea Mehta (Consultant at Deloitte Digital)

  • Shauna Mei Devand (Founding Member of shEOS)

  • Dallas Meier (VP of Operations at ShipChain)

  • Adrianna Mendez (Partner at Cypherglass)

  • Nelly Mensah (Senior Manager, Sephora Innovation Lab)

  • Tamar Menteshashvili (Founder of Expread)

  • Rebecca Migirov (Founder at KALAToken.io, formerly Chronicled and ConsenSys)

  • Ashley Miller (Digital Marketing Expert, Head of Growth at Airwaze)

  • Ayako Miyaguchi (Global leader/influencer in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech)

  • Devie Mohan

  • Taylor Monahan (Founder of MyEtherWallet)

  • Argentina Moise (CEO & Founder,** Bleexy LLC**)

  • Fulvia Morales (Product Management at Bitso)

  • Rumi Morales (Advisory Board Member of Chamber of Digital Commerce)

  • Pamela Morgan (Attorney, Educator, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker)

  • Amanda Mork (Communicator at Contramore)

  • Tatiana Moroz (Founder of Tatiana Coin and Crypto Media Hub)

  • Maryanne Morrow

  • Monique Morrow (President of VETRI, Advisor at VALID)

  • Autumn Moss Penaloza (Director of Marketing & Community, shEOS)

  • Elise Moussa (CEO & Founder of Snapay)

  • Jamie Moy (Founder of StrongURL, Co-Founder of Women on the Block)

  • Cathy Mulligan (Co Director, Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency)

  • Maureen L. Murat (Attorney, Owner of Crowdie Advisors)


  • Neha Narula (Director, MIT Digital Currency Initiative)

  • Roxana Nasoi (Creator of Blockchain Communities worldwide)

  • Miriam Neubauer (Managing Director at Catena Capital, Venture Capital for ICO, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain)

  • Dawn Newton

  • Catheryne Nicholson (CEO of BlockCypher)

  • Alicia Noel (Researching the food supply (block)chain)

  • Kara Nortman (Partner at Upfront Ventures)

  • Elizabeth Nyeko (Cleantech Entrepreneur)


  • Liz O’Donnell (VP of Marketing, Abra)

  • Jennifer O'Rouke (Illinois Blockchain Business Liaison at the Illinois Blockchain Initiative)

  • Susan Oh (Chair of AI, Blockchain For Impact, United Nations General Assembly)

  • Karen Olsson (Co-Founder & COO of BlockAble

  • Karen L. Ottoni (Blockchain Strategist. Co-Organizer for Women in Blockchain meetup)

  • Elaine Ou


  • Ronak Pakzad (Investment Management at Morgan Stanley)

  • Chelsea Palmer (Blockchain Proselytizer and Community Organizer)

  • Dhana Pawar (Angel Investor)

  • Allison Paz (Founder at Lemma Ventures)

  • Heidi Pease (Co-Founder HomeSidekick Inc. and CoFounder UCLA Blockchain Lab)

  • Erin Pederson (Co-Founder of Blockchain Beach)

  • Yamila Eraso Pena (Early Stage & VC Advisor | Blockchain | Attorney-at-Law)

  • Stephanie Perez (Incubator & Accelerator at R3)

  • Liliana Pertenava (Head of Marcom — New Cloud Technologies)

  • Paige Peterson (User Education & Communications at Zcash)

  • Ilana Pinhas (VP of Engineering at Bancor)

  • Olga Plokhuta

  • Julia Ponsford

  • Susan Poole (Founder of BlockBridge Advisory)

  • Lexy Prodromos (Business Development Manager at Bloq, Executive Director at the Chicago Blockchain)

  • Veena Pureswaran (Associate Partner, Global Research Leader — Blockchain at IBM)

  • Ritika Puri (Co-founder at Storyhackers)


  • Monica Quaintance (Leads Engineering and Adoption Strategy at Kadena LLC)

  • Christel Quek (Co-Founder of Bolt Global, Advisor of Switcheo Network and Zilliqa)


  • Liz Rabban (VP Sales, Celsius Network)

  • Samantha Radocchia (Co-Founder of Chronicled)

  • Magdalena Ramada (Blockchain and Insurance | Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson)

  • Angie Ramirez (Software Engineer at Livepeer)

  • Vanishree Rao (Senior Cryptographer)

  • Michelle Ray (Director of Communications at Algebraix Data Corporation)

  • Carolyn Reckhow (Director of Operations at ConsenSys)

  • Rose Ren (Co-Founder of Obsidian Labs)

  • Genevieve Renoir (Co-Founder, Web3 Foundation)

  • Raine Revere (Cryptocurrency Engineer)

  • Veronica Reynolds (Founding Member of Blockchain at UCLA)

  • Jonha Richman (Partnerships Advisor at Litecoin Foundation)

  • Jill Richmond (Senior Vice President at Sparkpr / Sparkchain)

  • Caterina Rindi (Independent Consultant, Blockchain Educator, Public Speaker)

  • Tess Rinearson (Engineering Manager at Chain (blockchain))

  • Sandra Ro (Managing Partner & COO at UWINCorp)

  • Katie Roman (Writer, EOS Go)

  • Ginni Rometty

  • Crystal Rose (Co-founder of Sensay, Founding Member of shEOS)

  • Laurie Rosini (Associate at Perkins Coie LLP)

  • Catherine Ross (Managing Editor at CoinTelegraph)

  • Julie Rossallini Coker (Founder & CEO of Tesla Fintech)

  • Elizabeth Rossiello (CEO & Co-Founder of BitPesa)

  • Maxine Ryan (Co-Founder & COO at Bitspark Limited)


  • Hanieh Sadat (Impact Investing | CryptoAssets Investing | TGE Advisor)

  • Suna Said (Founder and CEO at Nima Capital LLC)

  • Nathalie Salami (Blockchain Lawyer)

  • Neda Samimi ​ (Chief Of Staff at Unikrn)

  • Manana Samuseva (Managing Partner, BuroHQ, Founder of Blockchain Digital, Crypto Media & iLIFT TV)

  • Tamara Sanchez (Marketing Strategist at CRATUS Technology)

  • Jaclyn Santos (Cryptocurrency Advisor, Developer)

  • Iris Santos

  • Victoria Saucier (CEO of Gainfy, Managing Partner of Ignite 500)

  • Amanda Sauler (Operations at DNA)

  • Jenny Seegers (Head of Web Development at Workcoin)

  • Ksenia Semenova (Chief Business Development Officer at Cindicator)

  • Arjita A. Sethi (Co-Founder at Equally)

  • Melanie Shapiro

  • Nathana Sharma (Program Director, Faculty Affairs & Principal Faculty at Singularity University)

  • Firdosh Sheikh (Co-Founder of DRIFE)

  • Joyce J. Shen

  • Laura Shin (Cryptocurrency writer at Forbes, Host of the Unchained and Unconfirmed Podcasts)

  • Rosa Shores (Founder of BlockSpaces)

  • Anastasia Shvetsova (Managing Partner of M&A PR studio)

  • Laura Shin (Senior Editor at Forbes; manages coverage of crypto/digital assets)

  • Rachel Siegel (blockchain) (Content Creator, Founder of Crypto Finally)

  • Arianna Simpson

  • Elena Sinelnikova (Founder and CEO of CryptoChicks)

  • Lauren Slade (Co-Founder of Loly (online dating company), Co-Founder of Decentralized Art Shows)

  • Cat Song (ICO Advisor | ExsulCoin | Advisor, Satoshi Capital | GC, Faircap Angels | EVP Acquisitions & Finance | Venture Capital)

  • Priyanka Sood (Customer Success Manager at Coinbase)

  • Ambre Soubiran (CEO of Kaiko)

  • Emily Spaven

  • Nataliya Stanetsky (Co-Organizer of Women in Blockchain NY)

  • Elizabeth Stark (Co-Founder of Lightning Labs)

  • Michelle L. Staton (Founder of CrystalClarity.co, tracking crypto regulation | Blockchain Consultant at Digital Asset Affairs)

  • Jutta Steiner (Co-Founder & CEO of Parity)

  • Liz Steininger (CEO of Least Authority)

  • Kristen Stone (Project Manager at Coinbase)

  • Rika Sukenik (Tax Technology and Blockchain at Deloitte)

  • Nadya Suleymanova (Senior Software Developer at Greeneum)

  • Cindy Sun (Chief Blockchain Architect at Workcoin)

  • Olga Svitelska (Co-Founder & COO of Wunderdogs)

  • Melanie Swan (Blockchain Theorist, Philosophy, Purdue University)

  • Kate Swanberg (Product Manager — Growth & Engagement at Tradeshift)

  • Nissa T. Szabo (PR and Marketing at AirSwap)


  • Layla Tabatabaie (Attorney; Author; Advisor to multiple tech companies)

  • Gerelyn Terzo (Senior Editorial Researcher, MandateWire)

  • Jane Thomason (Global Ambassador of British Blockchain Association)

  • Marie Antoinette Tichler (Founder and CEO of C2Legacy)

  • Andrea Tinianow (Chief Innovation Officer, Senior Vice President at Global Kompass Strategies)

  • Faith Titus (Chapter President of the Government Blockchain Association)

  • Adella Toulon-Foerster (Partner at Cogent Law Group)

  • Quynh Tran-Thanh (Head of Data Products at CryptoCompare)

  • Sarah Travel (General Partner at Benchmark)

  • Sara Trojanowska (Crypto Sara) (YouTuber, Altcoin Buzz)

  • Michelle Tsng (Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor; Formerly PayPal)



  • Angela Walch (Research Fellow of the Centre for Blockchain Technologies, University College London)

  • Leah Wald (Bitcoin investor, Partner & EVP at Lucid Investment Strategies)

  • Mc Kenna Walsh (COO. DRÆM Ventures)

  • Amy Y. Wan (Founder & Chief Legal Hacker, Bootstrap Legal | Legaltech Enthusiast)

  • Dovey Wan (Founding Partner at Primitive Ventures)

  • Fenni Wang (Legal, Operations and Strategy at IXO Foundation)

  • Jane L. Wang (Engineer at Messari, Contributor to OnChainFX)

  • Jinglan Wang (Executive Director of Blockchain Educational Network and Blockchain Product Manager at NASDAQ)

  • Bettina Warburg (Managing Partner of Animal Ventures)

  • Anne A. Ward (Bitcoin Capitalist)

  • Hermione Way (Brand Consultant, Former Head Of European Communications at Tinder)

  • Kelley Weaver (Founder & CEO of Melrose PR)

  • Lauren Weiniger (COO of SAFE)

  • Robin Mahler Weisman (Principal at the Sternhell Group and Senior Policy Counsel to Coin Center)

  • Marie Wieck (General Manager for IBM Blockchain)

  • Jen Wieczner

  • Nancy Wojtas (Partner at Cooley LLP)

  • Rachel Wolfson (Entrepreneur, Blockchain Journalist)

  • Victoria Wong (Co-Founder of Crush Crypto)

  • Angela K. Wright (Founder at Make Crypto Easy: risk mitigation and ethical wealth generation)

  • Angela O. Wright (Vice President, Flex Digital Health Strategic Business Development)

  • Samantha Wynn (Operations Lead — CEO Circle at ConsenSys)


  • Joy Xiao (Associate at CKR Law LLP — Strategic Legal Counsel)

  • Linda Xie (Co-founder & Managing Director of Scalar Capital)


  • Meeta Yadav (Chief Data Officer, IBM Blockchain)

  • Fabi Yamada

  • Samantha Yap (Founder & Director of YAP Global)

  • Lisa Yin (Chief Cryptographer & Chief Security Officer at Symbiont.io)

  • Arry Yu (COO of Storm Token)

  • Isa Yu (Co-Founder of Moeda)

  • Elena Yunusov (CMO at Ambrosus)


  • Rahilla Zafar (Managing Director at ConsenSys)

  • Suraya Zainudin (Content Creation & Management Specialist, Suraya Zainudin Communications)

  • Jessica Zartler (Blockchain Consultant)

  • Elaine Zelby (Head Spearfisherwoman at ConsenSys)

  • Ling Zhang (Director of Binance Labs)

  • Melissa Zhang (Software Engineer at Coinbase)

  • Nydia Zhang (Co-Founder & Chairman at Social Alpha Foundation)

  • Samantha Zirkin (CEO at Point 93)

  • Christiana Zoupa (Co-Founder & CEO, Oceanus Foundation)

  • Devon Zuegel (Software Engineer at Bloom)


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