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Distributed Global

Distributed Global

Distributed Global is a digital asset management company and cryptocurrency hedge fund founded by Johnny Steindorff. The hedged fund focuses on maximizing investor returns through a portfolio of blockchain-based digital assets. [0] [1]


Prior to Distributed Global, Johnny Steindorff founded Focus Investments in 2014, one of the first pure play cryptocurrency funds. The firm was an early investor in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Qtum, Augur, and Polychain. Focus Investments significantly outperformed Bitcoin's 1000%+ gain from 2014 to date. [1]

In 2017, Johnny Steindorff and several early several other prominent early crypto investors and entrepreneurs partnered to launch Distributed Global, one of the top funds in cryptocurrency and digital assets.


Investment Strategy

Distributed Global Fund II is a long-only, stage agnostic investor in protocols.

They invest in the tokens of established protocols and in the seed and pre-Initial Coin Offering rounds of early stage protocols. In either case, Distributed Global looks for protocols that are well positioned to capture market share from centralized incumbents. The fund focuses on protocols that are tokenized, open source and decentralized. [1]

The Distributed Global Fund II does not employ leverage and seeks to be tax efficient, allowing investors broad exposure to this new digital asset class while reducing taxable events, transaction costs and exposure to unnecessary risks.



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