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Iris Santos (Crypto)

Iris Santos (Crypto)

Iris Santos is a Blockchain enthusiast and photographer based in Angola. [1] She is the production manager at 21 Cryptos.


Santos attended Escola Superior Artística do Porto where she earned a degree in photography. [1]


Santos was an intern Photographer at 1a Avenida in Porto, Portugal. She was a Gerente Supervisor at Macolis, Lda. in Benguela, Angola where she worked in team supervision, customer service, and solving problems.

Involvement in Crypto

Santos first got into crypto when her boyfriend's laptop was encrypted by hackers and required a ransom paid in Bitcoin to unlock it. He was unable to buy Bitcoins so he reached out for her for help. Although she had heard of Bitcoin in the past, she never gave it much thought until her boyfriend asked for a loan since he didn't have a credit card and the payment was urgent. After researching how to buy it, she found out they were worth $500 and said to herself “Wow, this is super expensive, I should buy some.” Santos became deeply interested in crypto ever since and taught herself as much as she could about the subject.

In October 2017, Santos Joined 21 Cryptos full-time as a Production Manager and Manages teams and tasks for upcoming issues. [1] The target audience of 21 Cryptos are people who are new to Bitcoin and are looking for Guidance in the Field.


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