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Harshita Arora

Harshita Arora

Professional photo of Harshita Arora.

Professional photo of Harshita Arora.

Harshita Arora is an Indian teenage Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency expert known for selling her app, Crypto Price Tracker, to Redwood City Ventures in early April, 2018.


Photo of Harshita Arora while in NYC.

Photo of Harshita Arora while in NYC.

Arora was born and raised in Uttar Pradesh, India. She grew up in the city of Saharanpur for most of her life. She is the daughter of a local financier father and a homemaker mother.

She was introduced to app development at as a child and soon enough began to create her own apps.

Ever since she was 13 and introduced to designing concepts, she began reading IT magazines and the latest developments in the field.

During her curiosity, she learned about cryptocurrency.

As a way to further innovation and understanding of the cryptocurrency field, she took to the internet to interact with friends and real investors in the currency.


During most of her upbringing, she experienced a combination of being home schooled and attending public school.

She attended school until the 8th grade.

She was a student at Pinewood Middle School.

She was later homeschooled.

Photo of Harshita Arora.

Photo of Harshita Arora.

She attended MIT Launch 2017, which is like a startup incubator for high school hackers and entrepreneurs.

While there, she experienced at time of creative where she developed a series of projects.

She co-founded Universeaty and Crypto Price Tracker.


In October of 2016, she left her public school and focused on her passion of coding and pursuing the startup life.

She became the youngest intern at Salesforce at the Bangalore office in winter 2016.

Crypto Price Tracker

After her attendance at MIT, she worked on her own project in November of 2017 called Crypto Price Tracker, an iOS app that helps users track prices of 1000+ cryptocurrencies from over 19 exchanges, set price alerts, and manage their portfolio.

The application launched in January, 2018. Within 24 hours of launch, the app was #2 in Finance category on the App Store top charts for paid apps.

The App was featured on Product Hunt.

The App went viral on Reddit after the press praised the 16 year-old for her efforts.

The app received a lot of attention in the media and news and was covered in Inc, The Daily Beast, YourStory, The Times Of India, Bitcoin News, and many more media outlets.

In The Media

After releasing the app, Crypto Price Tracker, Redditors began to discriminate against Arora. Many of the users used misogyny and racism against Arora and claimed that she plagiarized the app.

One of the people said the following:

“There probably isn’t a 16 year old girl at all, this whole thing was a scam with the wunderkind backstory to sell as many $0.99 apps as quickly as possible.

Probably made the creator a few thousand from reddit alone,”“The fact that minority ‘victim status’ seems to be the only real currency with people today is fucking surreal,”

Arora has said that she received a lot of Racism in her inbox.

Redwood City Ventures

Some time in March, 2018, the app was acquired by Redwood City Ventures and announced to the public on April 3rd, 2018.

Redwood City Ventures, which owns one of North America's largest crypto-currency mining datacenters, bought the app as part of its broader strategy to offer consumer-focused financial technology products.

Redwood City Ventures Founder Sean Walsh said: "We are committed to more than just crypto-currency mining.

We are building valuable direct-to-consumer products and services intended to accelerate mainstream crypto-currency adoption and demystify the often confusing marketplace for consumers."


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