Taking the Online Encyclopedia into the Modern Age

Everipedia uses blockchain technology to help us fulfill our vision for a world where all knowledge is available to all people - a world in which everyone, everywhere can participate in sharing what they know and providing value to others.

Modern Design and Features

Everipedia’s design and features have been built for the modern age.

Earn Rewards for Contributing

IQ Tokens allow us to keep track and reward people for contributing to Everipedia, and as the value of the platform grows, the people who built it get to share in its success.

More Articles and Content

Everipedia allows you to create an article about anything as long as you have a citation. This allows for a much broader scope of content in the knowledge base.

Democratic Governance

Anyone with IQ Tokens is a stakeholder in the Everipedia Network. Using IQ tokens to vote, users decide which new articles and edits are added to the knowledge base.

An open community expanding the world’s knowledge

Everipedia’s vibrant community is open and welcoming to everyone. We’re already one of the world’s largest encyclopedias, but we’re far from complete. Join us today.

Meet our team

Our mission to build the world’s greatest encyclopedia requires a skilled executive team that embraces grand challenges. At Everipedia, we are fortunate to have people with deep experience and knowledge in both the education and blockchain industry.

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