The world's largest encyclopedia on the blockchain

Everipedia's IQ Network is the world's first Encyclopedia that allows anyone to become a stakeholder in the system and earn rank, rewards & tokens for curating content.

An Encyclopedia for the modern age

The Everipedia IQ blockchain provides a new paradigm change and knowledge economy to disrupt the old centralized internet knowledge encyclopedia model similar to Wikipedia. By creating a new incentive structure and a distributed backend hosted within a blockchain, the new Everipedia knowledge base will be able to improve upon all fundamental features of Wikipedia.


Articles are fetched using IPFS and EOS Storage. Majority of IQ being distributed during the airdrop.


Proof of Stake (PoS) model allows for voting to change and upgrade the IQ network as it grows. Also will facilitate batch imports of new content with no fees.

Censorship Resistant

Live and permanent edits of content on the blockchain beyond the control of a central authority.

Financial Incentive

All holders of IQ will be incentivized to create quality, neutral content and to work together in building the reputation of the network.

Become an editor today and start creating your own wiki articles.

Open Community

Our vibrant community is open and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. Our guidelines and policies are based on common sense rather than strict bureaucracy.

Redesigned for the modern age

Everipedia is an encyclopedia modernized and re-designed for the twenty-first century. Our editing interface makes creating and editing wiki's as easy as using Facebook.