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Everipedia Boxing Show

Everipedia Boxing Show

Audiobook On Amazon

Audiobook On Amazon

The Everipedia Boxing Show is an audiobook on Amazon.com authored by Matthew E. O'Neil consisting of ten episodes.[60] It was also a live Internet radio show hosted by Matthew E. O'Neil consisting of eleven episodes, with one episode having been deleted due to technical difficulties. The program focused on professional boxing. It and had six guests: Greg Fredo, Junior Jones, Robert Allen, Antwun Echols, Jose Antonio Rivera and Robert Jackson of Snapper's Boxing Management.[49] The show was broadcast in the United States, United Kingdom, Ghana, Argentina, and Mexico.

It aired on live Internet radio from September 10 to September 29, 2020 on Blogtalkradio.[25] Blogtalkradio is based out of New York City.[23] The show is on Google Podcasts, Soundcloud[43] and JioSaavn.[24]

The show is also available on Spotify[32] and Deezer.[26][30] Spotify is on the New York Stock Exchange.[36] The show was released by the English based company Ditto Music in October 2020 and is available on the British music streaming service Mixcloud.[53]


O'Neil Is An Amazon Author

Rivera Of "The Fighter" On Show

Rivera Of "The Fighter" On Show

On the program the host discussed boxing history as well as current events in boxing.

He talked about his time in the United Arab Emirates, expressed his theories as to what makes a boxer successful and explained the connection between an amateur and professional career.

It was released on Amazon Music in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Canada in 2021.[61]

Episode 1-2

The first two episodes focused on O'Neil's boxing career.

The Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. match was discussed repeatedly on various episodes. Episode one discussed the writing career of John J. Raspanti. Raspanti is a California based boxing writer that has travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to cover the major boxing matches.

Raspanti is the author of Intimate Warfare and Blood On My Notebook: Dispatches From The World Of Professional Boxing. Intimate Warfare chronicles the lives and boxing careers of Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward. Raspanti covered O'Neil's boxing career for Maxboxing in 2018.

The program was hosted from Plymouth, Massachusetts. O'Neil graduated from Plymouth North High School in 1994. He spoke about Plymouth coaches Carl Freyermuth and Dwayne Follette on episode one. O'Neil graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Colorado Christian University in 2001. He defeated Jeffrey Naquin and Preston Hartzog in USA Boxing sanctioned matches in 1998 and 1999. Naquin signed sports memorabalia on WorthPoint. Hartzog was beaten when he was in the federally funded U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program, and was 1997 US Armed Forces Superheavyweight Boxing Champion. O'Neil boxing career was covered by the United Kingdom based company Intuboxing in 2020.[15] The Everipedia Boxing Show is also on iHeartRadio.[57]

Episode 3

Episode three gives a brief description of boxing trainer Dickie Wood. Wood trained Diego Corrales for his last match with Joshua Clottey in 2007. Wood owned the 3D Boxing Gym in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He cotrained Oleg Maskaev during his time as WBC heavyweight world champion from 2006 to 2008. Corrales competed against Floyd Mayweather in 2001 and lost. Mayweather went on to become the richest athlete in the history of modern athletics.

Episode 4

Episode four is about Tommy Morrison. Trent Morrison was contacted in preparation for the episode. Patricia Morrison contacted O'Neil after the episode aired and her information was added to the Tommy Morrison article. Morrison held the WBO heavyweight world title in 1993 and died in 2013.

Episodes 5-7

Justin Mayweather's trainer Greg Fredo was on episode six on September 15, 2020.[21] On the program Mayweather's career was discussed and Fredo talked about his martial arts experience and his time at the Mayweather Boxing Club. Justin Mayweather is Floyd Mayweather's half brother. Floyd Mayweather is the richest athlete in history and his career has been covered by the The Wall Street Journal.[5]Junior Jones was on episode seven. Jones is a former New York Golden Gloves Champion and World Boxing Association boxing world champion that fought on ESPN and HBO.[20] Episode five was aired but later deleted due to technical difficulties.[52]

Episode 8

Robert Allen was on episode eight. Allen held the International Boxing Federation interim middleweight world championship in 1998 and 1999. His bouts were televised on HBO, pay-per-view and Sky Sports. Allen spoke about his career and the training of Michael Seals. Seals was mentioned at 11:15 of program.[19]

Episode 9

Antwun Echols was on episode nine. He boxed on HBO, Showtime, pay per view and ESPN. Echols was a number one contender and he fought for the world championship at various points in his career. On the episode he spoke about his 2003 match with Anthony Mundine in Australia. They fought for the WBA super middleweight world title.[18] Echols grew up in The Ghetto.

Episode 10

Jose Antonio Rivera was on episode ten. He held the World Boxing Association world title twice in his career. He is one of very few boxers from Massachusetts to win a world boxing title.[17] Rivera was in the 2010 movie The Fighter. The movie grossed 129 million dollars worldwide. Rivera is from Worcester, Massachusetts.

Episode 11

Robert Jackson of Snapper's Boxing Management was on episode eleven. Jackson spoke about the boxers under its management. He also spoke about the company's record label and a boxing card set to take place on December 12, 2020 on Nigerian television.[33]


The Everipedia Boxing Show is listed as an audiobook on Amazon.com.[58] The book was given five Amazon Standard Identification Numbers by the company. O'Neil is the listed as the author of the book on Amazon.com's website. The show can be accessed through Audible Inc. It was published by Amazon.com in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia in 2021.[62]


Facebook Is On Nasdaq

Facebook Is On Nasdaq

O'Neil contacted each boxer through Facebook. Facebook is on Nasdaq. The show was shared on Facebook boxing groups. It is also on YouTube.[56]

On Social Media

  • It is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/blogtalkradio.official/


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