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Juan Montalvo

Juan Montalvo

Manager Of Tyler Vogel

Manager Of Tyler Vogel

Juan Montalvo is a partner at Capital Fight Management.[11]

Capital Fight Management


Capital Fight Management is a New York domestic Limited liability company filed on December 4, 2019. The company's filing status is listed as active.

It has an office in New Haven, Connecticut. It is affiliated with numerous gyms and fight clubs. It is involved with professional boxing, mixed martial arts and bareknuckle fighting. Its senior partner is Juan Montalvo. Capital Fight Management is affiliated with the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame.[8]

Underground Fight League

Underground Fight League (UFL) has over 370,000 subscribers on YouTube. Some of the videos found on the UFL Youtube channel have 5,000,000 views. Capital Fight Management is partnered with the Underground Fight League. They have had fights in South Carolina, New York, Texas, Florida and Virginia and have been able to get sponsorship and affiliations with boxing and MMA gyms.

Montalvo has stated that the Underground Fight League gives people with troubled pasts a second chance.

He has stated, "a person's pasts does not have to determine their future."

USA Boxing

Blood On My Notebook

O'Neil On The Grueling Truth

O'Neil On The Grueling Truth

Matthew O'Neil reached a verbal agreement with Juan Montalvo of Capital Fight Management to box professionally in 2020 or 2021. Matthew O'Neil's boxing career has been covered by John J. Raspanti of the Internet website Maxboxing.[3]

Raspanti is the coauthor of Intimate Warfare and author of the paperback book Blood On My Notebook: Dispatches from the world of Professional Boxing Blood On My Notebook; was published in 2019 and is on sale on Amazon.com for $14.99.[2] O'Neil was covered by the United Kingdom company Intuboxing in 2020. O'Neil's matches are accredited by USA Boxing and facilitated by Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is found on the New York Stock Exchange. O'Neil was on The Grueling Truth and Fight News Unlimited in 2020.[4] O'Neil was on Conversations LIVE! with Cyrus Webb in April 2021.


The following article is from Intuboxing:

Matthew O'Neil tko'd Preston Hartzog in 1999.

Hartzog was in the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program at the time of being stopped. Hartzog was 1997 US Armed Forces Champion in the superheavyweight division. The U.S. came in eight place in the 1999 Military World Games with 26 medals. Hartzog won a silver medal at that games. O'Neil is the only person to stop Hartzog in a conclusive fashion in the amateur or pro ranks. Hartzog defeated Cabbage Correira in a professional MMA fight. Correira defeated Tank Abbott and Butterbean. Jeffrey Naquin retained a division 1 scholarship for the 1991 and 1993 LSU National Baseball teams. He also signed sports memorabilia found on the Internet. Naquin is in the 2017 LSU National Baseball team media guide. O'Neil hopes to compete in a four to six round heavyweight fight at new Encore Casino in Everett, Massachusetts. The US Supreme Court legalized sports gambling in 2019 and Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker has stated that sports gambling will soon be seen at Massachusetts casinos. O'Neil still possesses knockout force and he has the capacity to make it through rounds. O'Neil has worked in business and for Harvard University. In 2006,Rory Reid spent 1 million dollars against him when he ran for Clark County Commission in Nevada. O'Neil is hopeful that his training system can produce one final victory.


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