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The Grueling Truth

The Grueling Truth

CEO Mike Goodpaster

CEO Mike Goodpaster

The Grueling Truth is a website and company that covers sports. They follow National Collegiate Athletic Association football and basketball as well as all of the major professional sports.It was founded in 2015. The show is available on YouTube and the podcast Internet website anchor.fm.[30]


Goodpaster Coach Of 3 Arena Football Teams

Goodpaster Coach Of 3 Arena Football Teams

The Grueling Truth was founded by Mike Goodpaster He is a former professional arena league football coach.He coached the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, Evansville Rage and the Owensboro Rage. He had been rated by some to be one of the best quarterback coaches in the country.

Goodpaster also coached high school varsity football.

He is from Indiana and the motto of the show is "where legends speak."

Everipedia editor Matthew E. O'Neil asked Mike Goodpaster about his site on December 15, 2019. Goodpaster responded:

The grueling truth is a site run by former players, coaches, and fans to give fans an unbiased look at the sports they love.


Three Time Super Bowl Champ Randy Cross On Show

Three Time Super Bowl Champ Randy Cross On Show

Their website features articles written by respected writers.Some

of their writers are Mike Goodpaster, Michael Fink, Michael Atkins, Mike Ferguson, Christopher Carlson, Rob Day and Chris Henderson.

They offer their insight with sports predictions and thoughtful analysis. Jeremiah Preisser is the managing editor and also a part owner. Preisser is a member of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. Buddy Gibbs also works for The Grueling Truth. He is a member of the International Boxing Research Organization.

An article written in December 2019 by author Samuel Teets gave National Football League quarterback power ratings, which enables sports betters an opportunity to get in edge while gambling. The Supreme Court of the United States made sports gambling legal in 2019.The Grueling Truth is sponsored by the Internet website Betnow.eu.[23]

Grueling Truth Radio Sports Network

Sports Legends On Podcast

Tommy John On Show

Tommy John On Show

Mike Goodpaster is the host of "The Grueling Truth" podcast,which falls under what Goodpaster calls "The Grueling Truth Radio Sports Network."

The show often bring sports legends on to discuss their past achievements as well as to offer their opinions on relevant current topics.

The podcast offers major coverage of professional football, basketball, baseball, boxing, hockey,and MMA.

The podcast also has top-10s, mock drafts, polls,and discussion about topics about past and present.

Past guests have included Tom Flores, Roger Craig, Larry Holmes, Carlos Palomino, Tim Witherspoon, Jerry Kramer, Dan Pastorini, Levon Kirkland, Michael Bentt, Leon Searcy, Tommy John, Dexter Carter, Mike Weaver, Garin Veris, Gerry Cooney, Eric Metcalf and Matthew E. O'Neil.[24]

Larry Holmes, USFL, Writer Of Hoosiers

Larry Holmes was lineal heavyweight world boxing champion from 1980 to 1985 and defeated Muhammad Ali and Gerry Cooney. Angelo Pizzo was on the program in 2018. The episode was hosted by Mike Goodpaster and 1980–81 Indiana Hoosiers basketball player Steven Risley. Pizzo was the screenwriter for the movies Hoosiers and Rudy.Irv Eatman was on the show in 2018. He was a member of the 1984 United States Football League championship team the Philadelphia Stars. James Toney was on the show in 2018. He defeated Evander Holyfield in 2003. Former Houston Oilers head coach Ed Biles was on the show in 2018. Carl Banks was on the program in 2017 with Mike Goodpaster. Banks won Super Bowl XXI with the New York Giants.

The Grueling Truth follows professional boxing on their website, Facebook page and in their podcast. Relevant topics on their December 2019 podcast hosted by Mike Goodpaster were the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz rematch, the career of Terence Crawford and John J. Raspanti's book,Blood On My Notebook. Archived podcasts can be found at: https://thegruelingtruth.com/category/podcast/.[29]

iHeart Radio

The Grueling Truth Sports network is a sports network designed to cater to fans of sports.

All podcasts are broadcast by iHeartRadio and their website averages 20 million hits a month. The Grueling Truth also allows others to upload their podcasts to their network. For example, "The Ringside Boxing Show" belongs to "The Grueling Truth Radio Sports Network" and is uploaded every Sunday evening to thegruelingtruth.com.

Grueling Truth Sports Network

The Grueling Truth Sports Network has over 71,000 subscribers on Youtube. Classic Boxing and rare high school and professional sporting events.are loaded to the website. The boxing is taken straight from the original films, converted to DVD and uploaded to Youtube. One of the boxing matches in the collection is Muhammad Ali vs. Leon Spinks II.

On Social Media

  • It is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thegruelingtruth

  • It is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/gruelingtruth

  • It is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TGTNBoxing/


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