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Christian Deciga

Christian Deciga

Christian Deciga (born August 23, 1992), is a Mexican-American computer programmer, serial entrepreneur, and electronic artist. [47] He is on the founding team of Everipedia. Deciga helped scale the operation to millions of page views during the early days of Everipedia via social media optimization. In February 2018, Everipedia secured 30 million in venture capital funding from Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Fund. [27] [29] [28] [25]

In early 2021, he founded epiqDAO, a next generation Metaverse powered by Ethereum and Solana. [48] He currently serves as the project's Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer, among other roles.

He is also founder and CEO/CTO of Spankfans (formerly Snapfans). [44]

Early Life & Education

Deciga was born in Lakeland, Florida to immigrant parents from Mexico. His real father left his mother when she was pregnant with him. He was raised by his stepfather and mother and has resided in Dothan, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois.

He attended North Garland High School, graduating in the class of 2010. During his junior and senior years of high school, Deciga worked as a cashier at McDonald's to help support his family at the time.

Deciga later attended California State University, San Bernardino from September 2015 until December 2015, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in computer science. He withdrew from his classes to work on Everipedia full time. [25] [27]



In October 2015, he met Mahbod Moghadam, the co-founder of Genius and Y Combinator alumnus, along with Sam Kazemian while they were giving a tech talk at Cal Poly Pomona. The talk was about Moghadam's experience at Y Combinator and Genius, Kazemian's pitch of Everipedia's mission, as well as a rapping session. [29]

After meeting Kazemian and Moghadam, Christian believed in the project and would start contributing on the site as well as begin to write the first version of the iOS application for Everipedia. On December 11, 2015, he withdrew from his studies and moved into the company's first headquarters (Ph2 at 972 Hilgard Apartments (The Hilgard) to work on the project full time and become a founder. [25]

Deciga is credited with creating Everipedia entries that helped bring millions of page views to the site during its early days via social media optimization strategies.

Many of his Everipedia entries were shared widely on social media sites Facebook and Twitter as well cited in blogs and news publications. One of his entries was cited in a New York Times article during President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. [25]

In December 2017, Dr. Larry Sanger joined Everipedia as Chief information officer. That same year, the team was emailed by co-founder of YouTube, Jawed Karim, who was interested in investing in the company. [29]

In February 2018, Everipedia raised 30 million in venture capital funding from Michael Novogratz's Galaxy Digital Fund. [25] Deciga considers his time working at Everipedia, as attending "Everipedia University".

In early 2019, Thiel fellow William LeGate joined Everipedia to work on PredIQt, Everipedia's built-in prediction market. Legate serves as PredIQt CEO. Deciga's work with Everipedia has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! News, and Thrive Global, among other publications. [25] [29] [16] [27]

He left the company in early 2021, to pursue other ventures in the Blockchain industry.


Deciga continues to author Everipedia articles related to blockchain including DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols. His other roles include growing the Spanish editor community, social media marketing, marketing PredIQt, among other responsibilities.

Frax Finance

Deciga aided with community management for Everipedia's stablecoin project Frax Finance, which is lead by Sam Kazemian. He continues to participate in the community's governance.

In December 2018, Deciga alongside founders Sam Kazemian and Mahbod Moghadam made cameo appearances in American rapper Juicy J's music video for Let Me See. [13] The music video was released on February 15, 2019. Deciga appears from 5:27 - 5:33 in the video. [13]

In the music video, EOS.io code written by Sam Kazemian appears on a chalkboard.

Deciga, Kazemian, alongside Moghadam appear together at the scene before Daddy Long Neck (Internet Personality) and Charles Dion McDowell (Wide Neck) make their cameo appearances. [13]

Musical career

Outside of his work with Everipedia, Deciga is also an active Dj and electronic dance music producer. He is currently being mentored on music production by his North Garland High School classmate Juyen Sebulba. Juyen Sebulba is an established EDM artist signed with Yellow Claw's label Barong Family. Their collaboration "Do You Like Bass?", has been performed at music festivals around the world. [27] [14]

Deciga has performed Dj sets at house parties in Santa Monica, California and Hollywood Hills. [14]

He will produce his own musical style of acid techno using Ableton as his digital audio workstation. He was formerly known as Dj "Christian Christ", a nickname given to him by his former mentor Mahbod Moghadam, but will go by a new artist name when he launches his music project.[14] [38]

As of 2021, he goes under the stage name Zk Peep.


Epiq Games

In February 2021, Deciga left his full-time position at Everipedia, to pursue EpiqDAO (formerly known as Metagate Games/Digiworlds), the first Metaverse built on the Flow (Blockchain). He was one of the first Ethereum (ETH) developers to launch a project on Flow, but his application was denied by the boomers running the application process. Deciga published a blog post about the incident to Facebook. One of Deciga's friends, Kurt Braget, read it, thereafter receiving funding from Mark Cuban to build NFT Genius, after reading Deciga's blog post. [39] [39]

In late 2021, Deciga later rebranded Metagate Games/Digiworlds to Epiq Games.

In August 2021, he founded Bored Elon Unicorn Club with Dino Tomić. He would later start The Bored Ape Punks with Fortnite Physics in October 2021. [46]


In July 2021, he joined the GhostDrive project as co-founder and Vice-President of Engineering. [43]


In early April 2021, he founded Snapfans.

In October 2021, Sam Belay joined Deciga as co-founder and President to help Deciga with marketing at official launch (February 2022).


Personal Life

Deciga describes himself as a modern stoic. He is influenced by Pasquale Rotella and Sean Parker.


  • On October 26, 2013, Deciga was in attendance of Dada Life's show at the Aragon Ballroom (Chicago) when they broke the Guinness World Record for the world's largest pillow fight.

  • Deciga never knew or met his grandparents as well as his birth father, and is the oldest child in his family.

  • One of his favorite books is The Alchemist (novel).

  • He drove for two days from the Chicago area driving through Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona to San Bernandino when he moved to California in 2015.

  • One of his favorite films is The Pursuit of Happyness.

  • His favorite artist is the late emo rapper Lil Peep.

Favorite quotes

"A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men."

  • Roald Dahl

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