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PredIQt is a decentralized application and prediction market platform built on EOS technology. It is the second decentralized application that runs on the IQ token (after Everipedia).[1] The mainnet launch of PredIQt occurred on September 16, 2019. [5] In April 2020 the PredIQt 2.0 Knowledge market went live. You can watch a video of Sam Kazemian introducing the PredIQt Knowledge market [10]. And a user guide can be found on here. [13]


Shares on PredIQt

Shares on PredIQt

Once a user has logged in through Scatter or TokenPocket, they can navigate to the markets page to select their preferred market. Users can also create their own markets on PredIQt. New markets will be added as existing markets expire and resolve. [5]

Purchasing shares

There are two ways to purchase shares on PredIQt, market orders and limit orders.

Market orders are pulled from the existing market order book.

These orders will be filled immediately at the current market price for those shares.


Users placing limit orders can specify both the number of shares they want to purchase and the price they want to pay for those shares.

The price, denominated in IQ or EOS (other tokens coming in the future), corresponds to the users’s assigned probability of the outcome.

This price represents that maximum amount a user is willing to pay for a share.


PredIQt will try to get shares at the cheapest possible price but will fill orders in best pricing order until the selected risk limit is reached.

Users will never pay more for a share than what their risk limit specifies.



Once a user has purchased shares (or placed a limit order), that data will show up in their profile page.

Shares are held in an EOS account, are transferable, and can be redeemed for EOS upon market resolution (if the outcome purchased was the correct one).



On April 1, 2019, PredIQt announced on Medium that it was launching on the IQ Network.[1] The mainnet launch occurred on September 16, 2019 with three markets available. [5] On April 13th 2020 the PredIQt 2.0 Knowledge Market went live.[11][5] [12] [13]


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