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Juyen Sebulba

Juyen Sebulba

Juyen Sebulba performing at Tomorrowland (2019)

Juyen Sebulba performing at Tomorrowland (2019)

Johnathon Nguyen (born November 23, 1991), better known by his stage name, Juyen Sebulba, is an American electronic music producer and Disc jockey from Dallas, Texas. Sebubla is signed to the Barong Family. He is best known for his songs "Superjam", "Hard House" featuring GTA, and "DO YOU LIKE BASS?" featuring Yellowclaw. [2] [21] [7]

He is one half of the electronic duo Psycho Boys Club alongside Stoltenhoff (Dj). [2]


Juyen Sebulba graduated from North Garland High School in June 2010, the same class of Everipedia co-founder Christian Deciga. He briefly attended Texas Tech University, but dropped out to pursue his music career full time. [2]

Music Career

Early beginnings

Roused by the huge field house hints of makers, for example, Laidback Luke, Texas local Sebulba offers a reviving interpretation of old-school hardstyle electronica yet brings a dynamic, new energy to the sound and sort.

Nguyen delivered his first authority single "Superjam" on Mad Decent's Jeffree's engraving in May 2013, which has since gotten basic recognition from any semblance of Moska, Boys Noize, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

[1] [34]

He has delivered music under Laidback Luke's name Mixmash Records.

In June 2014, he delivered the blend "Hard House" with GTA (DJ team).

Upheld by Laidback Luke, Diplo, GTA (DJ couple), AUTOEROTIQUE, Major Lazer, Congorock, Valentino Khan, Boys Noize, Gina Turner,Benzi, Borgore and then some.


Barong Family - present

Juyen Sebulba later signed with the Barong Family and began releasing music with artists Lil Texas and Stoltenhoff. [2]

Juyen Sebubla has played at venues Tomorrowland and Avalon Hollywood. [2]



  • Majin EP

  • Blow Your Speakerz EP


  • "Superjam" (2013)



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