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Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2019)

Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2019)

The Everipedia 30 Under 30 is a list that chronicles thirty ambitious and talented people under the age of 30.

These are people who excel in their field and chosen by the Everipedia community as individuals who are predicted to do great things. [1]


  1. Connor Blakley (Entrepreneur, Gen Y & Gen Z Consultant)

  2. Nicole Behnam (Writer/Journalist, Founder of Beyond The Interview)

  3. Caleb Pressley (Blogger at Barstool Sports)

  4. Jules Horowitz (Writer, LGBT rights activist)

  5. Devon Zuegel (Software Engineer at Bloom)

  6. Tiger Kaufman (Model)

  7. Rani Molla (Data editor forRecode

  8. Jaafar Jackson (Singer/Songwriter; nephew of Michael Jackson)

  9. Shelita Burke (Pop artist)

  10. Allie Beth Stuckey (Journalist; Blogger atThe Conservative Millennial)

  11. Sally Shin (San Francisco Bureau Chief at CNBC)

  12. Mira Modi (Founder of Diceware)

  13. Sara LeMesh (Founder of Ayuda Care, Opera singer)

  14. Olive Allen (Founder, CEO of Decadent)

  15. America Lopez (One half of the CyberCode Twins)

  16. Penelope Lopez (One half of the CyberCode Twins)

  17. Crypto Breakfast (Blockchain media personality/Satirist)

  18. Penelope Felix Ceja (Actress, model, blockchain advocate)

  19. Katy Kem (Electrical engineer)

  20. Ashley Scorpio (Digital Strategist and Political Aide)

  21. Brenna Sparks (Advisor, SpankChain)

  22. Ameen Soleimani (Cofounder, CEO of SpankChain)

  23. Sam Trautwein (Cofounder, CEO of Carbon-12 Labs)

  24. William Bentley de Vogelaere (co-founder of SpankChain)

  25. Crypto Nye (Blockchain enthusiast, Digital Marketing specialist)

  26. Jared Moore (Social media Marketing Entrepreneur)

  27. Crypto Wendy (YouTube Media Creator, Crypto Educator)

  28. Jared Gaeta (VP of Business Development at DNA.Fund)

  29. Riva-Melissa Tez (Venture capitalist, transhumanism advocate)

  30. Amelia Tomasicchio (Cryptocurrency journalist)


Citation Linkeveripedia.orgThe 2018 list
Nov 27, 2018, 3:47 AM