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Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2018)

Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2018)

  1. Luis Iván Cuende, Blockchain Entrepreneur, CEO of Aragon
  1. Varun Kumar, Founder of 1Des Media
  1. Andrew Royce, Founder of Royce New York
  1. Helene Francoise Philippe, Illustrator
  1. Rob Fajardo, Influencer
  1. Heather DeSantis, Public Relations
  1. Sadie Abergel, Student at Central Saint Martins
  1. Jeremy Gardner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blockchain Capital
  1. Ishan Goel, Youth Marketer
  1. Aly DeNardo, Operations at Atrium LTS
  1. Nik Sharma, Director of Performance Marketing at Hint Water
  1. Kevin Mehrabi, Founder of Deep Learning Los Angeles
  1. Scott De Taboada, CTO of Bausify
  1. Aurnik Islam, Co-Founder of Sylo (Application)
  1. Oliver Isaacs, Tech Entrepreneur, Investor & Influencer
  1. Zeeshan Mughal, CEO of Bill Karma
  1. Matt Gray, CEO of Herb.co
  1. Aaron Edwards (Journalist), The Outline
  1. Naomi Larbi, Model and Writer
  1. Deanna Havas, Artist
  1. Amy Chesler, Children's Author
  1. Jorge Izquierdo, Blockchain Entrepreneur, CTO of Aragon
  1. Vinay Ramesh, Founder of Wildfire
  1. Michaela Shiloh, Artist, Founder of BDRM Records
  1. Madeline Roosevelt, Entrepreneur
  1. Preethi Kasireddy, Software Engineer and Blockchain Enthusiast
  1. Regina Vatterott, Cofounder & COO, EllieGrid
  1. Adam Totounji, COO of CyNexLink
  1. Steve O'Dell, Social Entrepreneur


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Nov 16, 2017, 8:02 PM