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Connor Blakley

Connor Blakley

Connor Blakley (born June 10, 1999), is an American entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and youth brand/marketing strategist from Cleveland, Ohio. [5] [8] [18] [19] [25]

He has been quoted and published in both national and international media outlets including Forbes, MIC, Business Insider, Inc, Entrepreneur (magazine), Mashable, and the BBC, for his unique perspective and understanding of Generation Z. He has also been recognized as “The #1 High School Entrepreneur to Watch” by Startup Grind, “The #1 Gen Z Expert to Follow” by Forbes and a “business phenom and tycoon" by Inc. Magazine. [25]

In May 2020, he founded Bru Beer, an influencer backed alcoholic beverage company.


Generation Z

Blakley helps personal brands and companies position themselves to better connect with Generation Z in order to create lifelong brand loyal consumers.

He has worked alongside Intercept Group, who supports brands such as Microsoft, 3M, 7-Eleven, Unilever, Toyota, and L'Oreal. He has been credited with helping well known consumer brands connect with Generation Y and Generation Z consumers. [5] [20] [21] [22]

Public speaking

He is also a highly sought after speaker.

Blakley has spoken at schools, conferences, and companies on various topics including entrepreneurship, youth marketing/branding, and social media. [5] [14] [15] [16]

Connor has been invited to speak at conferences and companies such as AwesomenessTV, Sprint, Coca-cola, ATKearney, American Marketing Association, The Association of National Advertisers, Youth marketing Strategy, and many more. [25]


He has been featured in BBC, Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post, Startup Grind, among other publications. [8][24]

Personal Life

In his free time Blakley loves traveling, reading, playing basketball championships, and spending time with his dog.

[17] Blakley currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. [13]


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