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List of Prominent Independent Political Commentators on YouTube

List of Prominent Independent Political Commentators on YouTube

The following is a list of YouTube political commentators who are independent in the fact they are solely in charge of their content and do not rely on the traditional legacy media to reach their audiences.

  • 1791L-**Right Wing Libertarian analysis and perspective on current events as well as news clippings

  • The Amazing Atheist- An Antireligious podcaster who sees religion as detrimental to society

  • Andy Warski- Anti-SJW commentator**(Needs more info)**

  • Armoured Skeptic- Atheist who attacks religious fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists, and feminists (along with other social justice warriors)(Needs more info)

  • Black Pigeon Speaks- Un-obstructionist commentator that covers a wide range of topics

  • Blaire White- Transgender conservative who critiques ideologues and cultural marxism

  • Chris Ray Gun- Political commentator who criticizes social justice warriors via rant and/or satirical music video

  • ContraPoints- Left wing commentator.

  • Dave Rubin-Classical liberal who hosts*The Rubin Report *

  • Davis Aurini-Alt-right commentator who was involved with the The Sarkeesian Effect documentary.

  • Gad Saad- Evolutionary behavioral scientist who applies evolutionary psychology to consumer behavior

  • Gavin McInnes- Founder of Vice and current host ofThe Gavin McInnes Show

  • Hbomberguy-Feminist YouTuber who critiques Video games and individuals within the Anti-feminism community in a comedic style.

  • Jean-François Gariépy- Neuroscientist and race realist.

  • Jordan B. Peterson- Clinical Psychologist who posts his lectures

  • Julie Borowski- a Libertarian commentator who has been making videos since 2006

  • Kevin Logan-British Left wingcommentator

  • Kraut and Tea-German commentator who critiques Islam, P olitical correctnessand Social justice.

  • Liberal Viewer - an ACLU activist

  • Mark Dice- a Conservative best-selling author who makes political commentary originally known for trolling pedestrians

  • Matt Forney-White nationalist and Manosphere commentator and podcaster.

  • Mike Cernovich- Author and media personality who wrote the Gorilla Mindset

  • Paul Joseph Watson- Editor-At-Large for InfoWars

  • Philip DeFranco- Host of*The Philip DeFranco Show *; he reports and gives his opinion on current events.

  • Roaming Milennial - a Political science commentator

  • Sargon of Akkad- British Classical liberal who outsiders identify as Alt right

  • Shaun-Socialist commentator who critiques right wing politics and skeptic community figures.

  • Shoe0nHead- Female comedian and self-identified egalitarian who tackles gender politics.(Needs more info)

  • Stephan Molyneux- Philosopher and political commentator

  • Steven Crowder- Conservative commentator

  • Steve Shives-Progressive YouTuber focusing on issues pertaining to Feminism, Atheism and Social justice.

  • Styxhexenhammer666- Political commentator, Occult scholar, Psychonaut, and Gardner

  • Tara McCarthy-White nationalist commentator.

  • the1janitor-Progressive commentator who discusses social issues, politics and pop culture.

  • The Amazing Atheist- Social critic of third wave feminism, along with several other modern social constructs

  • The Young Turks- Progressive Media Outlet started by Cenk Uygur

  • That Guy T- Self-identified Libertarian, Anti-Feminist, Atheist, and Anarcho-Capitalist

  • Undoomed- Critic of modern feminism (known for his slender man avatar)(May need more info)

  • Coco Soodek -


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