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Andy Warski

Andy Warski

Andy Warski (born January 5, 1989) is a YouTuber and comedian. He is a native of outside Toronto.

His first viral video was released in May 2007, skyrocketing his YouTube success.

Andy Warski identifies as a conservative, and classifies himself as a Republican.

His skits and widely known opinions moved his career forward.


Warski originally had comedic rants on YouTube, but transitioned to the political sphere over time.

He mainly criticizes social justice warriors and feminism. His videos have garnered a massive following and as of March 2017, Warski has over 215,000 subscribers. [1]

He has parodied and/or feuded with a few YouTubers, including Franchesca Ramsey and Laci Green.

Personal Life

In 2013, he began his relationship with Cassandra Mar. He has two sisters named Mel and Carrie.

Warski grew up in Mississauga, Canada and attended Sheridan College. He attended St. Martin's High School where he was ranked one of the top in his class, graduating with a 3.8 GPA. His favorite childhood activity was "exploring different forests".


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