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Steve Shives

Steve Shives

Steve Shives is an American YouTuber. [0]On his channel he discusses issues such as Atheism and Progressive politics and is a staunch supporter of Feminism and Social justice.


He is in favour of the Atheism+ movement and has argued that feminism should be more widely accepted within atheist circles, to which he has received pushback from prominent atheists on YouTube who have adopted an Anti-feminist stance, such as The Amazing Atheist and Sargon of Akkad.


Shives has been heavily mocked and criticised for his use of a Twitter Blockbot, which pre-emptively blocks those who he has not yet interacted with. He claims to use this bot to 'spare himself being bothered by shitty people and their shitty followers'. [3]YouTubers Creationist Cat and Anthony Fantano created a parody song regarding Shives' Blockbot, entitled 'Blocked By Steve Shives'. [4]


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