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Sargon of Akkad

Sargon of Akkad

Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad in social media, is an English YouTube commentator, political commentator, content creator and game developer. [undefined] He is married, has two children and lives in Swindon. [undefined]

Youtube Channel

Sargon of Akkad hosts a popular Youtube channel centered around political commentary regarding current events, especially the rise of PC culture and identity politics on college campuses and in leftist politics. The icon for his channel is a bust of the historical Sargon of Akkad, an ancient Semitic King who holds a legacy of being model leader, unparalleled in strength and tenacity. Sargon has remarked in an interview that he picked this historical figure because he thought that Sargon of Akkad was cool at the time of making the Youtube account and that if he could do it again knowing that his account would "pick up" he would have used his own legal name. Sargon thinks himself to be a through thinker and articulate debater, who focuses on fact and logic starting from the clear definition of words, in a time when the well of reason has seem to run dry. Sargon's videos have targeted Political correctness (because of the Jailing of Count Dankula and other incidents like it), SJWs, radical feminists, radical leftists, Identity politics, sharia law (stating that its ideologically is fundamentally opposed to western philosophy and law), and members of the UK government. His detractors claim that he often targets ultimately irrelevant individuals who would not be taken seriously anyway, but typically his commentary focuses on those who have gained at least a modest following in online political spheres. He believes that those who subscribe to these 'progressive' ideologies are usually very anti-intellectual, using shame and guilt to silence those who disagree rather than using logic and reason to support their stances.

After gaining so much popularity and getting more politically involved Sargon has made a secondary channel, Akkad Daily, for his more serious day-to-day thoughts about current matters since his main channel was usually well thought out videos or debates.

He differs from other Youtube pundits in that he would not be described as a member of the "alt-right" due to his professed and consistent Classical Liberal ideology. He has stated in previous videos that he "believes in a form of the welfare state" and does not support the more radically libertarian ideas of someone like Stefan Molyneux. A concise description of his channel and interests come from himself, saying: "I am for finding the truth of the matter using rational arguments backed up by evidence. I do my own research and try to be thorough. I also like to have in-depth conversations with stimulating people on a wide variety of subjects, varying from gaming, anti-ideology, history and fiction."

Personal Views

Sargon identifies as a Classical Liberal. His videos often promote Gamergate and antifeminism. [undefined]

Sargon has been described as "alt-right" and an "alt-right sympathizer" by media outlets The Daily Dot and Salon, [undefined] although Sargon rejects the label. [undefined]

Political Career

Since the start of his Youtube channel Sargon has been a political commenter on parts of the culture war and world politics.

He supports Brexit and has argued that an governmental body giving up the nation's sovereign rights betrays the people living in that nation.

To that effect, in 2019 Sargon ran for British Parliament under the UK Independence Party to try and further the party's goal to make sure Brexit happens. Sargon was not elected to Parliament.

Outside views on Sargon

In a November 2016 piece criticizing "right-wing British blowhards"Vice said Sargon typified the "British man who has become enamored with America, its social politics and its machinations, and wishes to become an intellectual authority on it." [undefined]

Following the murder of Skeptic Feminist member Heather Anable, Sargon was heavily criticised for appearing on a livestream with other members of the sceptic community such as Kraut and Tea in which the group made jokes about the incident. [undefined]


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