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List of Prominent Everipedia Editors

List of Prominent Everipedia Editors

The following is a list of Editors who are a part of the global Everipedia community. These editors have made a substantial contribution by editing and creating thousands of pages. We are here to help you the reader - better understand what you want or would like to understand better, more clearly and as concisely as possible - and thereby increase your IQ:



  • Druss Smith (aka HipHOP) - Master Editor and Rapper

  • Elijah Asaad Webster- Master Editor and Sneakerhead

  • Fawzan Nagal - Master Editor and Student

  • Four star general reporter - Master Editor

  • Maziar Zarea- Master Editor and Student

  • Miles Anthony (aka Baus) - Master Editor and Founder of Flux Chargers

  • Millie Efraim - Master Editor and Media personality

  • Nick Schutz -Master Editor and Atlantis, Florida Resident

  • Rob Wallick (aka KnowledgeCurator) - Editor and Researcher

  • Rupika - Master Editor and Independent writer

  • Satdeep Gill [11]- Master Editor and Free-knowledge enthusiast

  • Shikhar Srivastava - Master Editor and Community Manager

  • The Scholarly Sentinel (aka Luis Lopez) - Master Editor and philosopher

  • Christin Thomas - Master Editor and Student

  • Matthew E. O'Neil -#1 Ranked Editor [20]

What does an editor do?

Editing versus Proofreading.

Editing versus Proofreading.

An editor polishes and refines; he or she directs the focus of the person, place, process, object, company, news, story, article or movie along a particular course. He or she may trim out what doesn’t fit or what is nonessential to the purpose of the article, but editors at Everipedia are much less deletion-minded and much more content additive, knowledge expansion-minded. Human knowledge is growing exponentially, see Growth of knowledge, so we are more focused on giving humanity a central place to learn about topics and explore. The editors at Everipedia enhance and augment (add to) the major points, drawing attention to places where the reader might best focus. We also add references in case you the reader want to read more about certain sub-topics or explore a certain perspective. Lastly, we try to make knowledge more interesting to you the reader!

As a benefit of being editors at Everipedia, we also learn extensively about any number of wide-ranging and/or focused topics.

Over time our work adds up to the equivalent of another college degree.

By reading and editing our work and becoming an Editor yourself, you likewise become an expert! The work we do, including our ever-expanding number of published pages, can make for some very interesting conversation at parties, events, seminars and as guest speakers in the classroom.

Some of us are focused on academia, some on celebrities, others exotic places, fine dining, current events, politics, and some focus on important people and causes.

We also have illustrators, animators, artists and highly creative minds in our midst.

Creating a great online encyclopedia involves more than what your parents or grandparents found in their World Book Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Britannica. Today it is a collective multi-media experience and the pace of growth is exponential. Whatever your interest, we have talented prominent editors; yet Everipedia is always looking to ever-broaden its editor base!

Thank you for reading, learning, contributing, discussing, messaging and editing at Everipedia ! Editing is a passion - 'recensere est passio' in Latin.

Get published and learn something new or review a treasured topic in the process!

Become an Everipedia Editor today! Why wait? Join the Knowledge Generation! And don't forget to pass this along to a friend...

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