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Konstantine Nikka-Sher Piterman

Konstantine Nikka-Sher Piterman

Konstantine Nikka-Sher Piterman (born 7 April 1994) is the 2020 Republican candidate for California's 13th Congressional District. He is the Head Instructor & Originator of Piano Castle. He was an Executive Editor and iOS developer for Everipedia. [1]



He received a Bachelor of the Arts in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, focusing on Narrative and Image. This branch of Rhetoric was concentrated on Storytelling, Hermeneutics and Feminist epistemology through the works of scholars like Judith Butler and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. He also studied Legal Discourse and Classic Political Rhetoric through stories such as Machiavelli's Prince, Thomas Moore's Utopia and Plato's Republic.


Konstantine Nikka-Sher Piterman received a minor in Music, specializing in computer programming and synthesized music. He enrolled in a brand new series of programming classes at UC Berkeley, the Music 158 series. These courses focused primarily on Cycling 74's MAX/MSP language.

Nikka has designed various electronic instruments.

His patches have been published in CNMAT research papers by Professor Rama Gottfried. Konstantine has designed a desktop game called "Perfect Pitch" to improve players' ability to detect pitch & tones.

His other instruments include video & magnet based melody generators which use Computer Vision to control audio, multi-touch Lemur applications iOS instruments which are controlled through the Accelerometer / Gyroscope and custom sound-processing effects using the Arduino Esplora. He has worked with MIDI as well as Open Sound Control to manipulate audio data.

His musical background includes over a decade of training in classical piano.

Konstantine was also the lead gankeke player in the University's African drumming Ensemble. He studied the Genealogy of musical genres through a Globalist perspective, examining the historical travels of instruments and the spread tuning systems such as Bach's Well temperament.

Konstantine has produced with Jonte Turner, Vittamin D, ProteJay and Versaam.


Konstantine began programming in 2012 at UC Berkeley. His first script turned a game controller into a Theramin. His work consisted primarily of writing Software patches to interact with Hardware instruments such as Keyboards and Mixer.

Since then, he has specialized in iOS development for a host of applications, including an Augmented reality festival map and a voice assistant utilizing Everipedia named Avery. He has also worked with the DJI Drone SDK to customize flight paths on the Phantom 4 drone.

He is an advocate of the principles of Gamification and Futurism, seeing technology as "a digital frontier that will lead humanity through the next step in our evolution."


During his freshman and sophomore year at UC Berkeley, Nikka was on the California Golden Bears track team. He competed in the Triple jump, with a personal record of 14.02m (46'). This leap earned him his high school record at Piedmont, California in 2011. After pulling his hamstring four times and frequent heel contusions, Nikka retired from Track & field. He is currently training for the 1,000 lb club in Squats, Bench press and Deadlift.


Nikka Piterman is the 2020 Republican candidate for California's 13th Congressional District.

Medical Marijuana

Nikka Piterman has been an advocate for the federal legalization of medical marijuana.

He supports commuting sentences for non-violent drug offenses, favoring more community service as rehabilitation.

He believes the United States should be a net exporter of medical Cannabis and other hemp-based products.

U.S. Space Force

Nikka has advocated for an expansion to the United States' Space Program through the creation of the U.S.

Space Force.

He believes that within the next decade, the United States can create permanent civilization on the Moon and Mars.

In addition, the U.S.

Space Force would protect billions of dollars worth of U.S. interests in orbit while protecting Earth from Asteroid Collision.

Healthcare Reform

Through the creation of tax-exempt Health Savings Accounts, Americans will be free to choose their own healthcare providers without government interference.

Tax Cuts

Nikka has advocated for broad tax cuts, including personal income tax, payroll tax, corporate tax & capital gains taxes.

He identifies with the Tea Party movement.

Personal Life

Nikka was born in Stanford University on April 7th of 1994. Between ages 4 and 14, Nikka lived in Spain, attending the Catholic school Collegio San Agustin, in Santander. He attended elementary school in Tossa de Mar, a small village on Costa Brava. In high school, Nikka was in ceramics with Russell from Up. He was born on the same day as his mother. During these 10 years in Europe, Konstantine learned several latin-based languages and traveled through many European countries. This gave him an appreciation of different cultures and history.

Nikka's older brother, Sergey Piterman, is a Software engineer at Google. Konstantine's passions include playing Piano, gaming, investing and songwriting.

Nikka's family breeds Great Danes. They have had seven, named Maximus, Jasmine, Zeus, Xena, Cyrus, Drogo and Akali. He is an animal lover, growing organic food and raising chickens through sustainable farming practices.


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