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Fawzan Nagal

Fawzan Nagal

Fawzan Nagal is an IT professional based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He is currently employed with Kanetix as a Business analyst for their Online Marketplace.

He has previously worked for Royal Bank of Canada (parent company of City National Bank) and State Farm Insurance.



Fawzan graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration degree from York University.

He also holds designations and certifications from International Scrum Institute, AXELOS, Risk and Insurance Management Society, University of Toronto and Scrum Alliance.

Before university, Fawzan attended Meadowvale Secondary School.

During grades 11-12 he volunteered with Peel Regional Police and Meadowvale Public library.


His passions include investing in the stock market, crypto currencies, researching start up companies, fitness and traveling.

Fawzan is a strong supporter of Everipedia and Legion M.


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