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Angel Ordaz

Angel Ordaz


Angel Eduardo Ordaz Martinez Rodriguez was formerly an executive editor at Everipedia. He has studied at UCLA and UC Berkeley in the Comparative literature and Philosophy departments. [32]

A musician, internet curator, filmmaker, and proponent of human rights, ever since Angel was a child from Venezuela he aspired to be a citizen of the world. Through his work in Everipedia, he aims to inspire people in building the internet's first decentralized encyclopedia through an immutable synergy across the world.


Early Life

Born in Venezuela, raised in Silicon Valley. Surrounded by music, passionate people, and pioneers of their own path in life, as a young child in Guarenas, he became inspired by people, their struggles, and their dreams. Longing to be a human of the world, he initially grew up curious in the arts. Since he was six years old, he has been playing drums. The earliest memories he has of playing percussions in front of people took place at bloque 7 y 8 in Guarenas when the entire neighborhood came out to celebrate him play. He recalls a man named Fernando who lived on the 9th floor, who would also later purchase the apartment Angel grew up in, which was owned by his mother. The community had always encouraged a jubilant Angel to share his talents of dropping a beat for the entire neighborhood.

Growing up in the Valley he developed an interest in the arts, particularly music.

Instead of having a mindset to make millions as is the way of thinking in the San Francisco Bay Area, rather, as a teenager his interests were Skateboarding the best spots in the Blossom Valley and East San Jose areas with the rest of his Skateboarding crew.

It wasn't until his last year in High School that an interest of Knowledge, Entrepreneurship, and understanding other economic systems began.


In the later summer of 2015, as Angel continued his work for the UCLA Film and Television Archive, he befriended the siblings, Millie and Adlee Efraim. The siblings invited Angel to meet the founders of Everipedia one night and he met Mahbod Moghadam, Travis Moore, Sam Kazemian, and Theodor Forselius. Angel was amazed that a knowledge project was their startup. He felt that the founders of Everipedia were working on something that could be one of the most important knowledge projects on the internet. He was inspired by the ideas and the hard work from the founders, and felt like he could also have an impact in the company.

Angel also took time to reflect about Everipedia and ultimately made the choice of joining the founding team full-time.

In July 2016, Angel joined the founding team of Everipedia, the Wikipedia for the Snapchat generation.

He left the company in 2019.


Angel's Top 10 Futbolers Of All Time

  1. Ronaldo
  1. Daniel Alves
  1. Johan Cruyff
  1. Roberto Baggio
  1. Zidane
  1. Miroslav Klose
  1. Maradona
  1. Ferenc Puskás


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