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Everipedia Pages In Need Of Creating/Updating (09/24/19 - 10/01/19)

Everipedia Pages In Need Of Creating/Updating (09/24/19 - 10/01/19)

This is a list of interesting items in the news cycle that could use some love from the Everipedia community.

Feel free to add pages that are missing information or out of date.

Once you update a page move it from the needs updating section to the updated section.


Needs Updating


Lisa Daugaard: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Emmanuel Pratt: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Cameron Rowland: Won MacArthur Genius gran




Ghosteen: New Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album!

Spencer Elden: Nirvana baby from the Nevermind cover.

Anniversary on the 24th

Sean Larkin: Lana Del Ray's new Cop influencer BF

Ryan Reavis: Arrested in connection with Mac Miller's death

Greentea Peng: soul singer on the rise


Ayesha Tan Jones: Staged a protest in the middle of a Gucci fashion show[2]

Fendi Prints On: Nicki Minaj's post-retirement fashion line

Raisa Flowers: Head model for Rihanna's line

Dennis Turner: fired for arresting two children

Natalie Grace: Adopted 22 year old woman with dwarfism who lied about age

John Mark Dougan: MI6 fears he told Russia about secret prince Andrew files

Richard Smallets: homeless man set anoher homeless man on fire



Miyawati Stout: Cree 12 year old activist

Ridhima Pandey: 11 year old Indian activist

Artemisia Xakriaba: lives in Amazon, activist

Diana Muller: Retired police officer who spoke out against an assault-weapons ban during a hearing on Capitol Hill



Kik Messenger and KIN (Cryptocurrency): discontinued[6] [5]

Amboss: Medtech startup that raised €30 million in Series B funding [17]

WeWork Exodus

Wendy Silverstein: former chief investment officer of ARK real-estate fund left WeWork

Sarah Pontius: former head of real estate partnerships left WeWork

Ted Stedem: former global head of business and financial operations left WeWork

Jennifer Skyler: WeWork's first communications hire left WeWork

Dom McMullan: head of corporate communications left WeWork

LifeShip: Startup that wants to store human DNA on the moon

Video Games

Sayonara Wild Hearts: New indie Pop game

Delane Parnell: founder of PlayVS


Creatable Worlds: Gender neutral line of barbies

Sara Rivest -reporter for local station in Kentucky that received unwanted kiss and harassment while reporting live.[15][16]

Eric Goodman - man who harassed reporter Sara Rivest and was charged with harassment with physical contact [16]

Renia Spiegel: Holocaust survivor journal published


Drew Scanlon: the man who inspired the "blinking man GIF"

Harleen (comic) -new Harley Quinn origin story comic out Sept. 25[7]

Linda O'Leary: Kevin O'Leary's wife charged in fatal boat crash[8][9]

K.C. Crosthwaite: Juul's new CEO; Kevin Burns stepped down

Andrew Yang Quora Session

Kate Lacour: artist, recently published comic book, Vivisectionary Aug. 30th[12][13]

Wally Conron: Invented the Labradoodle dog breed

Carson King: raised $1.125 million for a children's hospital and in the news due to some offensive posts that were uncovered from 8 years ago.

Horizon: Facebooks VR MMO

CTRL-labs Mind reading startup acquired by Facebook

Ukraine Transcript: Hotly debated item

Devin Sloan- college admissions bribery scandal (sentenced)[10][11]

Andrew Bakaj: The lead counsel of the whistleblower claiming that Donald Trump sought foreign help for his re-election.

Jarrett William Smith: Charged with teaching bomb-making

Malika Haqq: Reality television personality who just became pregnant

Jerome Hudson: Breitbart entertainment editor who wrote a new book

Sujatha Baliga: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Annie Dorsen: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Stacy Jupiter: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Zachary Lippman: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Jeffrey Alan Miller: Won MacArthur Genius grant

Solana: High TPS chain

M-Journal: Website that uploaded all of Wikipedia in order to allow people to cite Wiki pages in academia

Sexy Vegan: Sexually assaulted his dog

Chandler Powell: getting married to Bindi Irwin

J. Michael Mendel: Producer for The Simpsons/Rick and Morty dies at 54

Aaron Calvin: Cancelled after cancelling Carson King

Jerry X. Mitrovica: Won MacArthur Genius grant


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