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Jerome Hudson

Jerome Hudson

Jerome Hudson is an American author and conservative political commentator from Florida. He is a Breitbart news editor. [11] [4]

Early Life

Hudson was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. [11]


Hudson first received notoriety after the publication of his article "The Life of a Young Black Conservative," which was picked up and featured in July 2009 as the top story on Glenn Beck. [11]

Also in 2009, he entered and won an essay contest, and was awarded a trip to the Young America's Foundation's annual National Conservative Student Conference, which was held August 3-9, 2009 at George Washington University. [11]

Hudson traveled to New York in November 2009, and again in January 2010, as a featured audience guest on "Time to Be Heard: Content of Character," Glenn Beck’s television special on Black Conservatives in America. [11]

In addition to being a frequent radio and television guest, Hudson has been published nationally by Human Events Breitbart News, Redstate, The Daily Caller, the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among others and has been called a “rising star” by nationally syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager. [11]

He is a member of Project 21 The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.



  • 50 Things They Don't Want You To Know (September 2019)


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