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WORBLI is a financial services network built as a fork of EOS. [8] [1]


Youtube Video
Worbli Talks - WORBLI Tech and EOSIO - With Robert Dewilder, WORBLI Co-Founder and CTO

WORBLI is a blockchain designed for financial services Dapps. Their blockchain ecosystem leverages EOS.IO software and is capable of hosting a variety of Dapps focused on financial innovation, security, reliability, and compliance. [7] [1]

The WORBLI team is in the process of creating new technology that enables the financial services and technology sectors to benefit from offering their customers instant transactions. [7]

WORBLI's vision is to remove all obstacles and to foster a positive environment that allows developers to design and build applications for users knowing the associated financial/ transactional services are preconfigured; and merchant processing is available for businesses to instantly convert digital and fiat currencies into any payment form they desire. [9]

WORBLI was founded by Domenic Thomas, Craig Kellog, Robert Dewilder, and Sam Russell. [10]

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