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Parsl (ticker symbol: SEED) is a dApp built on top of EOS blockchain. As part of its bussiness, there is a subscription service allowing growers, distributors, dispensaries, and end-users access to a medicinal cannabis supply chain management system that provides a safe and reliable network.

The software is in development stage and according to its whitepaper the platform is going to switch to its livenet on November 2019.[16]

Parsl provides and intuitive pythonic way of parallelizing codes by annotating apps, it is also works seamlessly with jupyter notebooks allowing apps within a notebook to be executed in parallel and on remote resources.


The SEED token is the token used in the Parsl dApp to access and interact with the platform and pay for subscriptions and other PARSL services.

There are 2 billion SEED tokens, and there is an inflation of 5% per annum to pay for operating costs and user rewards.

Subscription fees are set in US dollars, and users are charged an equivalent amount of SEED converted at the current rate at the time of purchase.

Parsl is utilising cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, IoT, NFC and more to bring about a revolutionary change in the way supply chains are able to be managed, audited, and utilised.

EOS.IO has built a solution that was designed to support projects that Parsl wants to deploy on an enterprise-scale in the real world.

The EOS governance model allows for the free and fair operation of the platform so that Parsl can safely rely on its continued operation without fear of corruption and the problems that have plagued other blockchain networks.

This ensures that Parsl can protect users and provide a safe, smooth and aesthetically pleasing user experience whilst maintaining the level of security that Parsl requires to interact confidently with any third party involved in the Cannabis Industry, such as cannabis regulators and governments.

How does Parsl work?

Smart Packaging

Using tamper-proof packaging combined with NFC tags, QR codes, RFID tags, Bluetooth beacons and more, (along with third party providers), Parsl smart labelling can work across multiple jurisdictions.

When packaging moves from one hand to another, it’s scanned and that information is added to the blockchain.

Plus, growers and sellers can use NFC tags on the packaging to deliver marketing content and other businesses along the supply route.

The smart packaging is accessible and secure, so sellers get the best of both worlds: reliable tech and marketing opportunities in one.

Blockchain Technology

Once packaging is scanned at every single point in the process, that information is placed on the blockchain.

The result?

Buyers, sellers, and growers can see transparent information about where their product has been, is now, and will be located later on.

This also allows regulators from different jurisdictions to immediately identify any material that’s been passed through any supply chain.

Blockchain is a key technology in enabling Parsl to build its novel supply chain technology solution.

The blockchain provides secure, transparent and unchangeable data.

Multi-token economy

The “POD” cryptocurrency The final pillar of the Parsl system, the POD token is used by both buyers and sellers to manage purchases across the blockchain.

Instead of a floating currency, POD is fixed at 1:1 against the US dollar.

POD tokens are only created when funds enter the ecosystem, and once funds are pulled out of the system, the associated tokens are immediately destroyed.

PODs enable the core conceptual revolution of the Parsl model.

Parsl declares that the movement of a product in a supply chain and the movement of the associated financial activity are just two different aspects of the same thing.

This simplifies a number of regulatory and legal hurdles, and lessens the risk for investors and users.

They can reliably know their money won’t just disappear.


On August 15, 2019, as Parsl platform nears launch, there was an announcement of cooperation with WORBLI. This partnership is meant to allow Parsl to make use of Worbli’s robust and secure, compliant infrastructure with AML/KYC laws and FATF/FinCEN regulation. CEO Dr. Isaac Balbin also adds,

Compliance is one of the foundations that we’ve built our technology platform with.

In fact, some people have said our most valuable feature is the integrated financial and product compliance that our platform is uniquely able to offer.

WORBLI’s focus on compliance makes them a natural partner for us, and what they’re doing is directly in line with the solutions we were already looking for, for example, it alleviates some of the concerns we had with running our platform exclusively on the EOS Main Net.

We plan that this partnership will ramp up the pace of our deployment, improve the economics around our ecosystem, and ensure that we are able to bring a more complete package to our clients.


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