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Tay Money

Tay Money

Tay Money (born April 6, 1993) is an American rapper based out of Dallas, Texas. She is popularly known for her song "Trappers Delight" which received over 1.1 million views in less than a month.[19][24][22]

Early Life

Tay Money hails from Athens, Texas, a small town of around 12,000 people near Tyler, Texas. In 2015, she moved to Dallas,Texas. [25] [23]


Tay Money - Circus (Official Music Video)

Tay Money - Circus (Official Music Video)

Tay Money, Saweetie – Bussin 2.0 [Official Music Video]

Tay Money, Saweetie – Bussin 2.0 [Official Music Video]

When Tay Money first moved to Dallas, Texas she started working at a beauty parlor. Growing up, she generally appreciated tuning in to rap music and freestyling with companions. Anyway she just started rapping earnestly in the wake of visiting an account studio with companions to take pictures. Tay Money got in the chronicle corner and realy delighted in the experience so she chose to begin to rapping expertly. [25] [23]

Tay Money produce her first tune and


music video, "Lewis and Clark" with Dance Dailey a notable music video chief in Dallas.

She met Dance Dailey subsequent to doing hair shading for one of his music video shoots.

At the point when Dailey went to pay her Tay Money requested that he put it toward shooting a music video for her.

On August 28, 2017 she delivered "Lewis and Clark" through his YouTube channel.

The music video got more than 30,000 perspectives in under a year.

The melody talks about how Tay Money took another lady's sweetheart.

[25] [7]

Tay Money delivered her subsequent tune and music video, "Na" which was coordinated by Hype Trilliams and Christian Saccardo on September 20, 2017. The video got 100,000 perspectives in under a year. The melody examines a man who needs to have a relationship with Tay Money, anyway she isn't keen on him. [5] [8]

On February 1, 2018 Tay Money delivered he third tune and music video "MONEYWAY" through Elevator Magazine.

"MONEYWAY" is a remix of Yung Joc's hit tune "It's Goin' Down" from 2006.

The music video got 190,000 perspectives in under a half year.

In the tune Tay Money talks about her prosperity as a rapper and how she is superior to her opponents and haters.

The music video was coordinated by Dance Dailey and recorded inside an airplane storage.

[30] [9] [10]

Tay Money delivered her fourth tune and music video "Catcher's Delight" through WorldStarHipHop on July 24, 2018.

The video got over 1.2 million perspectives in under a month.

The tune centers around Tay Money's monetary accomplishment as a rapper and her capacity to take other ladies' spouses with her attractive features and character.

The music video was coordinated by Dance Dailey and the tune was created by Young God.

[19] [11] [24]

On September 5, 2019, Tay Money delivered her new music video High School.

It got 75,000 perspectives in 10 days.[44] On September 17, 2019, she delivered her music video called 2K.

It acquired 199,000 perspectives in 3 weeks.[51] On October 30, 2019, Tay delivered a music video called Ride Around.[54] On November 22, 2019, she delivered a music video called IMAX.

In December 2019, Tay Money delivered her subsequent collection, Hurricane Tay, containing 16 tracks.

It accepts two highlights from DaBaby and YNW Melly.

The exertion denotes a heavenly trip from the southern upstart who has been consistently crawling into the standard with a particular sound described by Texan roots and ladylike energy.


In July 2020, Tay Money delivered "Bussin 2.0," the remix to "Bussin" from her 2019 collection.

The new form of "Bussin" sees Tay Money and Saweetie flexing everywhere on the track.

On her section, Saweetie gloats about her attractive quality and the achievement she has accomplished at a youthful age, saying, "Pretty and thick so get what I need/He wanna know what I look like in a strap," and, "Recently out of the school, making a great many dollars/That sht transform me into/An entire pristine btch."

Tay, then, tells about her enormous back — "]"Ass breaking out the edge/Ain't no one else in my path" — and creativity — "They thought this was a trick/It's too snappy to even consider foregetting it."[65][66][67]

On October 2, 2020, Tay Money delivered her new video named 'Carnival'.

Coordinated by DrewFilmedIt, Tay Money takes an audience to the boondocks for a day of fun with the creatures.

Joined by her companions, Money raps about being a chief and taking care of haters utilizing a greater bankroll and attitude.[68][69]


DUH! (November 16, 2018)


  1. Tay Money X Souffle Tay

  2. Trappers Delight

  3. She Won't

  4. Hell Yeah

  5. Bih Like Me

  6. New Bae

Hurricane Tay (December 6, 2019)


  1. Carmen Electra

  2. Booty

  3. Bounce Back

  4. IMAX

  5. Bussin

  6. Broke Boi

  7. Ride Around

  8. U Poppin

  9. Left Cheek, Right Cheek

  10. Like Me

  11. Do It

  12. 5 Star


  14. Da Realest

  15. Nana Pt. 2

  16. I'm Da 1

Musical Style

Tay Money is known for her Southern accent and style having grown up in rural Athens, Texas. Her songs are typically short ranging from two to three minutes. Tay Money releases all of her songs with music videos to ensure that her songs reach as money people as possible. Tay Money's songs often discuss her financial success, clothing, sex appeal, and her ability to do what she wants. [24] [4] [25]

Social Media

As of August 2020, Tay has about more than 393,000 followers on her taymoneyduh Instagram account. There she posts work photos, as well as selfies, photos with friends and travel photos. She also has more than 51,000 followers on her taymoneyduh Twitter and more than 131,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel.[1][2][3]

Personal Life

Tay Money began dating Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett in late 2019. [1]


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