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STPeach (Lisa Vannatta)

STPeach (Lisa Vannatta)

Lisa Vannatta (best known by her Twitch handle STPeach) is a video game Streamer, fitness vlogger, and former dental assistant based out of California.[1] [2]

Personal Life

Before moving to California, Lisa Vannatta lived in the Bankview neighbourhood of Calgary. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Jay since October 2016. Jay is a Korean American who lives in Los Angeles, California and works as a registered nurse. The couple share a love for video games and work well together since in their own words they are both "silly and cute". [4] Their interracial relationship has received support but also criticism from some racist commenters. In September 2018, Vannatta moved to California. [148] On May 24, 2019, Jay and Lisa got married. Lisa broke the good news in a two-second video on Twitter, with Jay giving her a kiss on the cheek.[119]

Lisa has two cats named Alfred and Leo.



STPeach started a gaming streaming on Twitch on October 9, 2015. She streams videos of herself playing and commentating on different online video games including League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. STPeach also posts fitness related videos of herself doing workouts. While she mainly focuses on video games and fitness STPeach also posts vlogs about her life, travelling, and cosplaying. [6]

STPeach soon built a large following across multiple social media channels.

As of July 2020, she has more than 1 million followers on Twitch.tv [6] and 1.7 million followers Instagram. [2] She also active on YouTube, [4] Twitter, [7] Snapchat, [8] and Periscope. [9]

Vannatta told NBC News in an interview how difficult it is to be a woman who deviates from strictly playing games on Twitch.tv:

“When it comes to the mean comments, I think you have to get a thick skin.

Unfortunately, it just comes with the job.

There’s definitely days where I’m like, ‘I can’t even stream because there’s so much mean stuff.’”[150]

Vannatta said that although it's difficult to deal with harassment she faces on Twitch.tv, the majority of the community she's fostered on the site has been supportive, which motivates her to continue streaming.[150]


On December 22, 2017 Lisa Vannatta was targeted in a swatting attack while streaming from her home in Bankview, Calgary. In January, 2018 Calgary Police announced that Tyler Raj Barriss of Los Angeles, California was wanted on charges in connection to the swatting. Tyler Raj Barriss was arrested on December 29, 2017 after a swatting call he allegedly resulted in the death of Andrew Finch in Wichita, Kansas. [1] [10]

In a live stream from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Lisa Vannatta, said she was "terrified" during the swatting incident. [1]

I didn't really want to talk about it but back when I was streaming for the Christmas event, I actually got attempted to be swatted. So, somebody had swatted me but it never happened on stream. … I was terrified, honestly. It was actually really scary. [1]

Police say they believe she was targeted for no reason other than because of her online presence.

The investigation into how her home address was obtained is still continuing.


Ms. Vannatta apologized for the abrupt ending in a message posted to Twitter the following day: "I would never do that unless I thought it was completely [necessary] or an emergency," she wrote.

"Hope you all understand.

Thank you for everything."

A man with the same name, age and city of residence as Mr. Barriss is charged in connection with a similar swatting incident that occurred six days later in Kansas that led police to fatally shoot an unarmed man.


Police say that on the evening of December 22, a man called Calgary 911 claiming he shot his father and was holding his mother and younger brother hostage in the 2300 block of 17b Street S.W. Tactical unit and patrol officers attended the home and evacuated nearby units. [10]

More than 20 police cars surrounded the apartment building for at least half an hour before the issue was resolved, said resident Laura Thrall, who encountered the scene as she pulled into her parking lot and hid behind a car.


“There were officers everywhere, all over the street,” Thrall said.

“I was shocked.

I was mostly wondering which one of my neighbours is the dangerous one all of a sudden.”


As police tried to confirm the information reported in the call, Lisa said she called 911 and told police she believed she was the victim of a swatting call.

She exited her home and police confirmed the report had been a hoax.

Police say they believed the reported information was real, and were especially concerned because of how specific it was.


It was so violently described in a very specific nature,” said duty inspector Peter Siegenthaler, adding these incidents are “very frustrating” to police, who have to allocate resources to situations that turn out to be fake.

“It sounded very real,” he said.

“It took us a bit of time to confirm that this call was, in fact, a hoax.”


Siegenthaler said police believe Lisa was targeted “because of her online persona.”

Earlier in the day, she and Barriss were in contact, either online or by phone, according to Siegenthaler, leading Calgary police’s cyber/forensics unit to identify Barriss as the suspect.


“The victim was a person that is online quite often,” he said.

“That person was out there.”

Lisa came to realize she was the victim of the hoax after being warned by somebody online.

But Lisa said she’s never spoken to Barriss.

She said she doesn’t know him, nor the person who warned her that she was being swatted.


“I have no idea who they are,” she said.

“The person who messaged me could have been the same person, I don’t know.”

Siegenthaler said Barriss has been allegedly involved in other swatting calls in the U.S. and Canada.


While Barris was charged in relation to the swatting death of Andrew Finch, Siegenthaler could not confirm that the suspect in that case, who is of the same name and also from Los Angeles, is the same person involved in the Calgary incident. [10]

“I can’t confirm that, but there’s a good indication that that person could be the same person,” he said, adding that Calgary police’s cybercrimes unit will be communicating with police in Kansas and other jurisdictions.


“I know I watched the news and I right away triggered something that this sounds very familiar,” Siegenthaler said.

“But, of course, we can’t say for sure unless that forensics examination is done on the voice recording, on the call itself, alibis being used and so forth.

That’s where our cybercrimes unit will communicate with the arresting jurisdictions.”


Siegenthaler said he’s seen an increase in swatting calls recently and warned Calgarians to guard against potential exposure to them.


“Just be careful what you put out there,” he said.

“Just really be aware that what you put out there is out there for anybody to see.

Just imagine, anybody can make these calls.

You don’t have to be very specific, you don’t have to have sophisticated equipment.”


Lisa said the ordeal has been overwhelming and she feels sorry for the suspect’s family.

“People aren’t always kind to you online,” she said.

“It was not a good experience.

I don’t want to have to deal with this any more than I have to.”


Death Threats

In October 2019, STPeach went public and confronted, jacknbaking, a Twitch user who had alledgedly been making death threats against her and harassing her online. She shared screenshots of the chats which she uploaded to Imgur. [134] [135]

"You've (threatened my family), leaked my info, just leave me alone," she said in her chat.

The user tried to apologize, but Peach wasn't having any of it.

"Sorry I'm this monster, it really sucks I'm unable to do action instead of saying things," they said.

STPeach explained this person has allegedly been stalking her for over a year and has even threatened to rape her, and kill her and her family.

"Just leave me alone," she said.

"Holy shit.

This guy's been stalking me for over a year, he threatened to rape me and threatened to kill me and my family."

Pool Stream

In October 2019, Tyler Trainwreckstv Niknam labeled Vannatta "shameless" after watching a clip from her pool stream on Twitch. On October 30, Niknam was watching various clips on the popular LivestreamsFails subreddit, when he stumbled upon one from a pool stream STPeach did in August, with the clip entitled "STPeach knows what's good." Firstly, Trainwrecks said: "She's in the pool, who cares?", but later realized the clip was actually about the seemingly deliberate camera placement to ensure the right angle as STPeach exited the pool. "Oh my – oh. That is shameless," he exclaimed. "Listen, if you're just getting out of the pool – I like STPeach, she's been on the podcast, she's down to earth, but listen, Destiny wants an example, of just shamelessness, this is it." He continued: "If you're just getting out of the pool, it's fine, but this camera position, the camera move right before getting out, is shameless."


After watching the clip one more time, Trainwrecks claimed that getting out of the pool was innocent, but argued that the repositioning of the camera was the worst part.

"Come on dude, if you're just getting out of the pool, no one can say anything, there's no proof," Niknam explained, "but come on, when you adjust the camera to this angle and get up – come on dude."[143]

Civil Complaint

In June 2020, STPeach was mentioned in a complaint suing Twitch. Erik Estavillo, a Twitch viewer from California submitted a civil complaint seeking $25 million in damages from Twitch for exposing them to "overly suggestive and sexual content from various female streamers" while using the site. Based on court documents obtained by Dexerto, the plaintiff, who has previously sued Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment, submitted the formal complaint to court on June 15 seeking a lawsuit, and Twitch itself was served with an official summons on June 19.[149]

According to the complaint, filed in the Santa Clara Superior Court of California, Estavillo suffers from several medical issues that require him to rely entirely on the internet for all of his entertainment, as well as obsessive–compulsive disorder and sexual addiction, which the complaint claims Twitch only makes worse.[149]

The complaint went on to list several female streamers it claims "continues to expose viewers who just want to see people playing video games on Twitch, but instead get exposed to sexually addictive material and content on a consistent and regular basis daily."

Except for STPeach, these include: Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa), Alinity Divine, Quqco, JadeTheJaguar, PinkSparkles, Valeria7K, DanielaAzuage, lilchipmunk, iaaras2, theRaychul, KrystiPryde, SonjaShio, Gavrilka, MizzyRose, KayPikeFashion, QTCinderella, Pokimane, Velvet_7, and Loserfruit.[149]

In requesting relief, the complaint wants all the streamers listed above permanently banned for violating Twitch's TOS, along with $25 million dollars "to be split between the plaintiff and other Twitch Prime Turbo Subscribers," with any leftover going to various charities.[149]


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