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Alinity Divine

Alinity Divine

Alinity Divine (born January 10, 1988) is an internet personality and Twitch star.[1] whos real name is Natalia Mogollon.

Personal Life

Mental Health - My story of bipolar disorder, depression, anorexia, and bulimia

Mental Health - My story of bipolar disorder, depression, anorexia, and bulimia

Alinity Divine was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. She officially began streaming on social media platforms in 2012.[9] Her Twitch account was created in 2014, her namesake coming from her most often played game, World of Warcraft. As at August 2020 her Twitch account has over 1.1 million followers.[8]

Alinity opened up about her private life before reaching Twitch fame in a joint broadcast with fellow streamer Mizkif on August 5, 2020.

After Mizkif complimented Alinity’s mental fortitude, the streamer revealed that her life before the Internet was no cakewalk, admitting that her father had been arrested due to involvement in Colombia’s drug cartels when she was a young child and that she had nearly died due to an eating disorder:

“I had to be pretty strong as a young human because I went through some stuff."

“...my dad went to prison when I was like 9 because he was involved with the cartel in a way.

My parents separated right after that, then I developed an eating disorder.”[33]

She continued:

“When I was 15, I nearly died, because I was like 23 kilos.

I had to overcome that, which was super hard.

Then, my mom got cancer, then I moved to Canada all by myself.”[33]

She added:

“It’s been a lot of things preparing me to the person I am right now, that I guess most people don’t have to learn how to deal with."

“I feel like life prepared me for this moment, you know?”[33]


While in Canada, Divine attended the University of Saskatchewan studying for a nursing degree.[9]


Animal Abuse

Alinity Speaks Out - Hosted by Destiny ( Alinity Apology )

Alinity Speaks Out - Hosted by Destiny ( Alinity Apology )

Alinity House Tour / Stream Setup

Alinity House Tour / Stream Setup

Alinity commented on rumours about marrying a person for citizenship

Alinity commented on rumours about marrying a person for citizenship


On July 18, 2019 Alinity Divine (Natalia Mogollon) was accused of animal abuse after a video of her throwing her feline Milo on her Twitch stream surfaced, prompting an official investigation. This was not the first time she has been scrutinized for her behavior towards her animals.[10] In other videos Divine is seen giving her cat vodka and kicking her dog.

Reflecting on the subject, Alinity stated,

"Hey everyone, I understand the concern and I am sorry for my lapses in judgement.

I shouldnt have gotten frustrated with Milo, but I dropped him on the floor behind my chair.

I'm not that strong :P.

The Vodka thing was well over a year ago but it was also a stupid thing to do."

The subreddit r/LivestreamFail called for Alinity's Twitch account to be banned along with outrage from her followers on Instagram and Twitter. Users also Tweeted their outrage over the incident to PETA and the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals launched an investigation.[15]

Wardrobe Malfunction

On April 24, 2020, Alinity Divine was suspended from Twitch.tv after fans complained about her nip slip during a broadcast. Alinity deleted the video, but viewers had saved and re-posted it on the service. She confirmed on Twitter on April 25 that she had been temporarily suspended from Twitch for three days.[18][19]

Backlash After 2018 Viral Video

On May 20, 2020, a video of Alinity sharing views on men cheating from 2018 re-surfaced on Twitter and went viral.

A Twitter user 'JordanPooleWrld' posted a video of Alinity, where she stated:

For a guy that is in a relationship to be interested in other girls, that's just cheating.

But if a girl who's in a relationship becomes interested in another guy, it often means that she's not getting what she needs to get from the relationship.[24]

After the post sparked a wave of backlash, Alinity responded to the tweet and said it was from years ago:

I said a while back.

I think I was projecting my own insecurities about being cheated on.

It was a totally stupid thing to say.

This is from 2018, I was way off.[24]

While the online personality was quick to explain the video, she still received backlash from some who disagreed with her statements from 2018.

Responding again, she said:

I don't judge anyone for hating me based on the s**t I've done.[24]

Civil Complaint

In June 2020, Alinity was mentioned in a complaint suing Twitch. Erik Estavillo, a Twitch viewer from California submitted a civil complaint seeking $25 million in damages from Twitch for exposing them to "overly suggestive and sexual content from various female streamers" while using the site. Based on court documents obtained by Dexerto, the plaintiff, who has previously sued Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment, submitted the formal complaint to court on June 15 seeking a lawsuit, and Twitch itself was served with an official summons on June 19.[25]

According to the complaint, filed in the Santa Clara Superior Court of California, Estavillo suffers from several medical issues that require him to rely entirely on the internet for all of his entertainment, as well as obsessive–compulsive disorder and sexual addiction, which the complaint claims Twitch only makes worse.[25]

The complaint went on to list several female streamers it claims "continues to expose viewers who just want to see people playing video games on Twitch, but instead get exposed to sexually addictive material and content on a consistent and regular basis daily."

Except for Alinity, these include: Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa), Quqco , STPeach (Lisa Vannatta) , JadeTheJaguar , Pink_Sparkles , Valeria7K , DanielaAzuage_ , lilchipmunk , iaaras2 , theRaychul , KrystiPryde , SonjaShio , Gavrilka , MizzyRose , KayPikeFashion , Alinity , QTCinderella , Pokimane , Velvet_7 , and Loserfruit.[25]

In requesting relief, the complaint wants all the streamers listed above permanently banned for violating Twitch's TOS, along with $25 million dollars "to be split between the plaintiff and other Twitch Prime Turbo Subscribers," with any leftover going to various charities.[25]

Breaking Down During a Stream

Alinity broke down in tears during a July 2, 2020 broadcast after she revealed that harassment she's gotten online over "past mistakes" has become overwhelming.She

sat down for an emotional chat with her audience during her July 2 broadcast titled "Very very sad. We

need to talk." During

the conversation, she addressed the recent passing of fellow streamer Byron Bernstein, before revealing how relentless hate online has started to severely impact her. "The s**t you guys say really affects people, okay? You guys have no idea how many times I've wanted to kill myself. How many times I've spent my entire night, trying to figure how I was going to end my life. I just want you guys to know, it's really serious. You guys can't just send hoards of hate towards somebody without it having an effect on a person," she said.[29]

Alinity broke down in tears, and told her chat that no matter how much she apologizes, people won't let go of her past.

"I just don't know what to do.

Do I just stop streaming?

Is that the only way that people are ever going to leave me alone?" she continued.


When a donation came in that read "just accept you made a mistake" the star got emotional, and exclaimed, "I have!

I have!

Chat, do I really have to read thousands and thousands of messages a day of the mistakes I've made in my past?

Is that really what I have to do?

You can't just say ignore the trolls!"[29]

Alinity then hit out at cancel culture, and brought up Jenna Marbles who quit YouTube on June 25 after apologizing for racism in her past content. "And so what? I quit streaming, then trolls learn that if you harass somebody long enough, you're gonna make them quit. That's the whole thing about a cancel culture. That's what happened to Jenna Marbles," she said.[29]

Alinity then reiterated to viewers how much their words can truly impact another person online.

"I just wanted you guys to know that no matter how strong a person appears, this s**t affects them, okay? There are some days [that are] harder than others, and I know that I appear really strong, but this really affects people. It really does." [29]

Alinity's stream only lasted 52 minutes, before she ended the the broadcast.

She told her viewers that she "just wanted to send a message" about the severity of online hate mobs and how they can impact a person.[29] Shortly after this emotional stream, a few key figures in the gaming community took the time to apologize.

Esports insider Rod Breslau was among the first to publicly apologize after Alinity's stream. "I have deleted my recent Alinity tweet as it contributes to a culture of online bullying and toxicity," he said. "I’m sorry." Moments later, Ninja chimed in with a similar sentiment. He expressed regret over his comments in the Twitter thread days prior: "I kept looking back at the tweet and saying I wouldn't have sent that if I wasn't a little tilted. I apologize as well."[30]

In several days, Alinity took to Twitter to thank those that supported her and say that she would "be better."

"The amount of support is incredible, it's impossible to thank everyone so I hope saying it here is good enough.

Thank you.

I will be better.

But this is bigger than me.

Please listen to each other."

In a retweet from earlier, she confirmed that she would be appearing on the HealthyGamer Twitch channel, which is dedicated to discussing mental health and has featured other streamers who shared their own experiences.


Dr Disrespect’s Twitch Ban

The hate against Alinity was exacerbated following the surprising Twitch ban against streamer Dr DisRespect in late June 2020, with trolls accusing her of being responsible for the incident after the release of a purportedly faked Reddit post.While the exact reason for the Doc’s suspension is unknown, Alinity hit back against these accusations during a July 6 therapy session with Twitch psychiatrist Alok ‘Dr. K’ Kanojia, where she opened up about the constant hate she receives online. "You have to understand, I became the punching bag of the internet," she explained. "Dr Disrespect got banned, okay - I’ve never met the guy, never talked to him, ever had an interaction with the guy. He got banned, and I was trending on Twitter with his ban. People telling me that it was my fault he got banned." "People were harassing me, like, 'Why did you get him banned?'" she continued. "'Did you cheat with him?' And I'm like, dude, what the f**k? So I became obsessed with finding out why he got banned, because I wanted to prove to these people that it had nothing to do with me."[28]

Alinity also admitted that she had developed harmful thoughts due to the hate she's received over the years, claiming she wished she could 'move on' from the internet vitriol and even expressing a wish to go to prison over dealing with the constant harassment.

"I could kill myself," she revealed during the stream.

"I've thought about it so many days, so many times.

I already had a plan on how I was going to do it."

Alinity also admitted that she has a few close friends who keep her from being alone, and later on admitted to the ridiculousness of internet hate culture and the wild rumors surrounding her.[28]

Other Allegations

In July 2020, Alinity made headlines following her recent involvement in a twitter argument about charity streams.

She was caught in the spotlight for her response to claims that she participated in sexual favors to get ahead in the Twitch game. She later appeared on her Twitch channel to put an end to the speculative reports that she has entertained sexual favors in order to raise her rank on the popular streaming website. Another rumor claimed that she married someone with the intent of gaining citizenship, which is an accusation she has recently commented on. On her Twitter account she defended herself by explaining that this was taken out of context after a comment she made on leaving her ex-partner.[26]

Alinity furthered her defense by saying that she doesn't go to TwitchCon, nor attends any raves and barely travels to minimize the interactions she has with the streaming community.

She continued by emphasizing how her romantic relationships have been non-existent for a while and conveyed how ridiculous the rumors are.

The streamer also referred to her previous 24-hour suspension for her accidental wardrobe malfunction, claiming that the suspension was initiated by her reaching out to Twitch first.[26]


Divine is acquainted with fellow Twitch star SodaKite.


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