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Rylo Rodriguez

Rylo Rodriguez

Rylo Rodriguez, formerly known as Yung King Rylo or Lil Spark, is an American Hip hop artist from Mobile, Alabama. [1]


Rylo grew up in a rough area of the projects.

In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Rylo shared that death is ever-present in his life.

He has been involved in over 20 shootouts since 6th grade and was in a bad car wreck once and narrowly escaped with his life.



Rylo hit the scene in 2017 by collaborating with Lil Baby on two songs called "Eat Or Starve" and "Stick On Me", the latter of which premiered on WorldStarHipHop. In 2018 Rylo dropped "BMF", "Mufasa", and "Headshots". [3]

In 2019 Rylo dropped the EP Before Baby Offered The Deal featuring NoCap, YFN Lucci, Money Man, and Lil Marlo. [3]


He was the subject of the documentary film, The Golden Child, which saw him returning to Alabama to record his debut full-length album. [1]


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