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NoCap whose real name is Kobe V Crawford, is an American rapper from Mobile, Alabama signed to Globe Lyfe Music. [1]


NoCap grew up in the projects, though his mother eventually moved NoCap and his older brother and sister to an adjacent neighborhood that was better.

His parents separated before he was born and NoCap would see his father periodically.

He got into music around 8-9 years old after being influenced by his mother's ex-boyfriend.

NoCap listens to any music as long as it sounds good to him, from Future, to Lil Wayne, to Adele. [1]

Before making it with music NoCap worked as a stocker at Walmart for a short stint. He realized that he didn't want to earn a day-to-day paycheck. He decided to pursue rap full-time after graduating from Murphy High School. [1]


In February of 2017 NoCap dropped his Juan Instrumentals produced first track, "Boss Moves", on his SoundCloud. Shortly afterwards, he dropped his first mixtape,* Believe It*, featuring Yung Treasure and Foreign.

In 2018, NoCap signed to Globe Lyfe Entertainment and relesedThe Leak through them. The BMB Films directed visual for "Homicide" with Rylo Rodriquez quickly accumulated over 700,000 views. NoCap released another mixtape that month calledNeighborhood Hero. In September 2018 NoCap and Rylo teamed up to drop their joint project,* Rogerville "*Dreams 2 Reality". [3]

In 2019 NoCap collaborated with Polo G, CashMoneyAP, Yung Honcho, OMB Peezy and others and also released the 14 track project,* The Backend Child. * [2]



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