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Money Man

Money Man

Money Man is a an American rapper based out of Georgia.

He's infamous for his smart money moves and buying himself out of a contract with Cash Money Records.

Personal Life

Money Man was born in New York, and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

His mother was fond of jazz music like David Brubeck and used to play it around the house.

He he started playing with music around 8 or 9, but only began recording music when he got some studio equipment at age 16.

He was a huge fan of the two titans Biggie and Tupac.

Money Man got live experience early on, regularyly performing at Los Angeles-based nightclubs like Ace of Diamonds and Lure.


Money Man burst on the scene in 2016 with songs “Boss Up,” “How It Feel,” and his Black Circle mixtape trilogy which have collectively racked up over 100,000,000 views on his Youtube channel.

2016 saw Money Man collaborating with some huge names in the rap game like Young Thug, Akon, Gucci Mane and more.

The buzz caught the attention of Cash Money and he was signed in 2017.

However, Money Man felt that Cash Money wasn't the right direction for his talent and he wanted to keep 100% of the profits from his music, so he bought himself out of the deal with $250,000.

Since leaving Cash Money Records Money Man has released music at a steady rate, utilizing outlets like YouTube and Tunecore, relying on spontaneity and craftmanship rather than market strategy and heavy planning.

His next two projects, Secret Society and 24 Hours, were appetizers for 2018's main course of five mixtapes: Grow God, 6 Hours (Pts.

1 & 2), TraumaMan, and the Winter EP.

Business Ventures

Money Man manages The Black Circle, a label which houses Shooter, Gutta, J Rock, Juney, among other artists.

He Has a booming marijuana business and made a small fortune in cryptocurrency after buying Bitcoin back in 2013.

In the music video for his song "Internet" he is seen anxiously watching cryptocurrency market charts, reflecting the lifechanging money he's already made from Bitcoin.

He told Pitchfork that he's reinvested in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Potcoin and plans to perform at cryptocurrency events in Miami and Southern California.


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