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Ivica Puljak

Ivica Puljak

Ivica Puljak (b. 1969) is a Croatian physicist and liberal politician, best known for his research on Higgs boson, as well for being co-founder of Pametno political party[1][2] In 2021 he was elected for mayor of Split.

He was born in Split, Croatia in a traditional family. His father was from Zagvozd and his mother from Drniš. He had three sisters. Parents only had primary education and struggled to raise children. Despite that, Puljak excelled in school. He spent his early years playing football and playing guitar in church band.

While studying at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Machine Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) of University of Split he met his future wife Marijana Puljak. They were initially only friends, only to pursue romantic relationship later. They were married in 1995. They have two children - son Toma (born in 2001) and daughter Iva (born in 2007).

Ivica Puljak graduated at FESB in 1994.

Even before graduation he was regocnised as scientific talent and was employed by CERN. In 1997 he earned master's degree in physics at University of Zagreb. He earned doctor's degree at Pierre and Marie Curie University in 2000.

Apart from taking part in nuclear physics research, Puljak taught at Split University.

He is also known for his promotion of popular science.

In 2015, together with his wife Marijana he founded Pametno party.

It was party's candidate at European Parliament election but was not elected.

In November 2020 Pametno has fused with Party with First and Last Name (SSIP) into new Centre party. In 2021 he announced he woold run for mayor of Split on mayoral election as the candidate of Centre party. He was later supported by activist Bojan Ivošević who joined his ticket.

During the campaign, various Jutarnji list published 1994 video recording of Puljak singing Ustasha songs at the wedding of his friends Alena and Ante Tonković. Puljak later apologised claiming that the recording was made at the time "he was young" and that, in the meantime, he "traveled the world and changed his views".[3]

He won the largest amount of votes in first round on May 16th, but had to face Vice Mihanović, candidate of ruling Croatian Democratic Union. He won overwhelming victory on May 30th, and assumed office few days later.

On March 30th 2021 Ivica Puljak announced that he would resign in order to force new mayoral elections, in which he would run together with Bojan Ivošević.


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