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Greg Epperson

Greg Epperson

Taking a selfie on Facebook

Taking a selfie on Facebook

Greg Epperson is a career criminal from Tulsa, Oklahoma. [1]

Personal Life

Epperson is the father of two daughters.

[1] He is a fan of Adele.

Murder of Kelsey Tennant

On March 20, 2017, Greg Epperson was arrested and taken into custody after he broke into Kelsey Tennant's apartment near 65th and Mingo in south Tulsa, Oklahoma while she was away at work at Metro Appliances & More.

Kelsey had came home from work around 3:00 p.m.to watch Friends reruns when she found Epperson inside her apartment.

Epperson then began to viciously attack, beat and strangle her. As she was dying, he continued to go through her belongings inside the apartment.

Riley Allen, Kelsey' boyfriend, went to the apartment after he had not heard from her, and also encountered Epperson during the interrupted burglary.

Epperson fired a gunshot shot at Allen, and then fled the scene. Both Allen and his girlfriend were rushed to a nearby hospital. Tennant was in critical condition with no brain activity and was later pronounced dead hours later.

Allen was not seriously injured in the incident.

Authorities later arrested Epperson after finding him in a neighboring apartment later that evening.

Criminal History

Epperson was arrested in 2008, for the murder of Tulsa, Oklahoma car dealer Ray Johnson. Baker was reported missing and then his body was found a couple of months later by Lake Keystone.


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