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Dana Jamison

Dana Jamison

Dana Jamison has worked for Don King Productions since the 1990's. As of 2020, she serves as Senior Vice President of Boxing Operations at Don King Productions. Jamison has held that post for over twenty years. She has received numerous awards including being named “Executive of the Year” by the both the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Association and “Boxing Lady of the Year” by the World Boxing Council.

Early Life & Education

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University. She attended graduate school at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute with a major in Russian Language and Literature.


Senior Vice President Don King Productions

She has been the Senior Vice President of Don King Productions since 2000.

Don King Productions was involved with the career of Mike Tyson. Tyson generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue between 1995 and 2002. Many of his bouts were held at the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip.

Some of her specialties include deal structuring, negotiations, live event production, marketing, PR, strategic communications, P&L, project management, cross-functional collaboration, budget optimization, operations, contract design/review, compliance and relationship management.

Negotiates Contracts & Network Deals

Dana Jamison is responsible for building and managing operations organization.

This included public relations, marketing and matchmaking.

Don King Productions is one of the most high-profile and successful boxing promotion companies in history.

They have promoted Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Julio César Chávez. She reports directly to CEO/Founder Don King. She is responsible for communicating contract terms and purse agreements to fighters and she negotiates television network deals. She is accountable for event teams and a multimillion-dollar budget.

47 Champions In One Year

She delivered as many as forty seven world championship bouts worldwide in one year.

Her bouts have been broadcast on HBO, Showtime, FOX and pay per view.


A brief of synopsis of Jamison's career can be found on her Linkedin page:

Dana Jamison is a unique combination of discerning negotiations and skilled relationship building, strategic point of view and operational leadership, precision focus and creative problem solving, global engagement and internal team excellence.

As one of Don King’s top executive leaders for more than 25 years, Dana has been instrumental in growing this business from its early stages into one of the most successful sports promotion companies of its kind.

As a result, she was named the Greatest Female Executive in the 64-year history of the World Boxing Council.

From strategy and deal structuring through on-site tactical execution worldwide, Dana has successfully put the right people, relationships, contracts, processes, and metrics in place to stretch performance beyond previously accepted limits.

She is a trusted advisor to decision makers, serving as the operations face of the business to athletes, agents, managers, trainers, co-promoters, venues, TV networks, and regulators.

Hall of Fame

She was inducted into the Florida Boxing Hall Of Fame in 2012.[1]

Don King Productions

The Internet website grantland.com ran article on Don King's career in 2013.

In their article, they stated that Don King Productions (DKP) moved its office from Manhattan to South Florida in the 1980's. The article stated that DKP had about ten employees left and that Dana Jamison was actively involved with the company. The following is an excerpt from the article:

If King wants to reflect on the past during this, the evening of his career, he only has to look around his offices at Don King Productions, where he has surrounded himself not only with memorabilia, but also with the same people who helped him rise to the top.

Dana Jamison, King’s vice-president of operations, has worked with King for 27 years.


Everipedia's # 1 ranked editor Matthew E. O'Neil used the JNTF facility on Schriever Air Force Base for three years and defeated US Armed Forces Champion Preston Hartzog and 1991,1993 LSU National Baseball Champion Jeffrey Naquin in USA Boxing sanctioned matches. The results helped produce Plymouth, Massachusetts first Division 1a baseball scholarships. This was with the help of Dwayne Follette, Dickie Wood, Lockheed Martin's Steve Griffin and U.S. Air Force Captain Heather Yates.

O'Neil mailed a copy of his athletic accomplishments to Don King Production's office in Florida.

He also contacted Dana Jamison via Linkedin and she responded and wished him congratulations.


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