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Victoria Waldrip (also known as woahhvicky , born March 7, 2000) is an American social media personality who grew to prominence on Instagram. She is based outside of Atlanta, Georgia. [4]

Personal Life

Victoria Waldrip popping champagne

Victoria Waldrip was born in the Atlanta, Georgia area and is originally from Hiram. She claims to be from Zone 6 (one of the more dangerous parts of Atlanta), but according to her boyfriend, Papi JJ, she comes from Buckhead, one of the more affluent parts of Atlanta. [37]

Her father, Steve Waldrip is a residential builder and local real estate mogul. She does not like talking about her mother. Her parents never got married. [18]

Waldrip has an older sister who lives in New York, who is over 10 years older than she is. Vicky claims to not be close with her due to the age difference. [18]

Waldrip attended Marietta High School. After completing her sophomore year, she started getting home schooled. [18] ​ She eventually earned her high school diploma from Penn Foster High School ​, an online distance education ​ private high school. [37]

Danielle Bregoli Feud

As of 2017, Victoria Waldrip has beef with Danielle Bregoli on FaceTime. Victoria directed multiple insults at her such as criticizing the number of males she has had sex with and her drug use. [9] Waldrip also claims that Bregoli got breast implants. [19]

Waldrip said it all started when fellow Instagram personality Malu got into a feud with her prior to Danielle. Victoria claims that she and Malu fought because Malu was trying to "get with her baby daddy." Because Danielle Bregoli and Malu were friends at the time, Waldrip claims that the two girls threatened to beat her up if she were to come to Los Angeles. Subsequently, she claims Bregoli got angry because Waldrip was trying to do the same thing with the guy Malu was going out with.

Youtube Video
Footage of Woahvicky getting into a fight with Danielle Bregoli

On April 15, 2018 a video of Danielle Bregoli ​ and Waldrip getting into an altercation at The Americana at The Brand in Glendale, California ​ went viral on social media; Lil Tay (Waldrip's friend) was there as well. [31] ​ Woahhvicky has allegedly talked about how she she wants to fight BhadBabie. In the middle of a scuffle, Bregoli around the crowd and punched Waldrip in the back of the head. [34]


On July 5, 2017, Victoria claimed that she was pregnant with Papi JJ's baby. [10] Papi JJ denies that he is the father. [11]

In August 2017, she stated that the person she's dating cheated on her with a 14-year-old celebrity. [18]


Video of Victoria Waldrip claiming that she is 25% Black

Woahhvicky claims to be partially Black (from her father's side). In a video, she said that she found out her ethnicity on July 19, 2017. She used as a reference. [20] She is yet to produce a physical copy of the results. [✔]

Victoria has been heavily criticized for representing herself as a woman of African-American descent who grew up in poverty when she is really the daughter of a successful homebuilder. Furthermore, she claims that she can use the N word because she is partially Black. It has also been suggested that she has used controversial methods of cultural appropriation ​ to further her online presence. [22]

When Waldrip was arrested in Greensboro ​, it was confirmed on her arrest summons that she is white. [30]

Social Media

Victoria Waldrip gained traction on social media in August 2017. She mentions several moments when she realized that she was becoming famous on social media. The first time was when Snoop Dogg shared her video. When Plies and Chief Keef did the same thing, that's when she knew she became a celebrity. [18]

Growing up, she claims to have mainly used Instagram. She says that she does not use Facebook. [18]


Victoria's earliest Instagram pictures feature her vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands in July 2016. Her account features her wearing high fashion ranging from Tommy Hilfiger bikinis to Gucci accessories. [3]

In December 2017, she deleted her her woahhvicky Instagram account. [37] ​ However, she had a second account, imwoahvicky , one on which she has posted photos since July 2016. [38] [39]


As of August 28, 2017, Victoria Waldrip has nearly 25,000 subscribers on YouTube. [4]

In many videos of Victoria, she is heard saying " nigga " numerous times which has resulted in criticism in comment sections. She also often says "I made it out of zone 6, look at me now." [7]

Some of her most popular videos include "Summer Time Makeup Tutorial for Black Women" and "How to Make Your Melanin Glow!." [24] [23]

In the Media

On Sunday February 25, 2018, Waldrip was arrested at Four Seasons Town Centre ​. She’s facing allegations of assaulting an officer and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. She allegedly kicked one of the officers at the mall. [29]

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