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Reddish Blu

Reddish Blu

Reddish Blu is an American R&B Singer based in Los Angeles, California. She is originally from Massachusetts. Blu's most well-known songs are "when I get sad" and "You're So Beautiful" and as collaborated extensively with the producer Gnealz.


Early Life

Performing Live

Performing Live

Blu grew up an hour away from Boston. She has been making music since a young age and one of her earliest memories is imagining images to the sounds of classical music. She always wanted to be a famous singer or actress and was in chorus in middle school.

Musical Beginnings

Blu was inspired to make music after working in a tanning salon listening to SZA, Flume, and spooky black. From listening to them, Blu thought to herself that she could change her reality at any moment and that their was no reason why she could not be successful in music like they were. Blu started collaborating with local producers and was fired from her job because she was only focusing on music. Blu's list of influences include SZA, Rihanna, Abra, and Gwen Stefani.

Move to Los Angeles

Blu chose her name "Reddish Blu" due to her connection with the color people and from a last-minute suggestion from her sound engineer to name it after the color of her hair at the time.

She moved from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California in order to find better opportunities for her music career. She has released servral singles on SoundCloud with hundreds of thousands of streams, and is currently working on her debut EP, Purple Pack. On the topic of her passion, Blu says: "I make music and I love creating it. It makes me feel high and uplifts my spirit, its like a rush. I donโ€™t really know what else to say about myself besides the fact that I make music and it makes people feel good. That's what matters to me."


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