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Quinn is an open source platform for women's erotica and non-visual pornography . [1] [3] [2]


Quinn was founded by Caroline Spiegel and launched publicly on April 13, 2019. Spiegel described the website as “a much less gross, more fun Pornhub for women,” in an interview with TechCrunch. Caroline explains that “There’s no visual content on the site — just audio and written stories. And the whole thing is open source, so people can submit content and fantasies, etc. Everything is vetted by us before it goes on the site.” Speigel is building Quinn with a three-woman team of her best friends she met while at Stanford, including Greta Meyer, though they plan to relocate to Los Angeles, California after graduation. [1]

The idea for Quinn sprung from a deeply personal need. “I came up with it because I had to leave Stanford my junior year because I was struggling with anorexia and sexual dysfunction that came along with that,” Caroline told Josh Constine in an article for TechCrunch. “I started to do a lot of research into sexual dysfunction cures. There are about 30 FDA-approved drugs for sexual dysfunction for men but zero for women, and that’s a big bummer.” [1] [3]

She believes there’s still a stigma around women pleasuring themselves, leading to a lack of products offering assistance. According to Spiegel, there are few porn sites explicitly designed for women, and fewer stray outside of visual content. Caroline says photos and videos can create body image pressure, but with text and audio, anyone can imagine themselves in a scene. “Most visual media perpetuates the male gaze … all mainstream porn tells one story … You don’t have to fit one idea of what a woman should look like.” [1]

The startup’s name “Quinn,” was though up by one of Caroline's best guy friends. “He said this girl he met — his dream girl — was named ‘Quinn.’ ” [1]

Business Model

Spiegel plans to monetize Quinn through advertising. She believes that since the platform doesn't have nude photos or hardcore videos, it might be able to attract sponsors that most porn sites can’t. Quinn has raised under $1 million in funding. Spiegel did not reveal the source of the funding but has said confirmed that it is not from her brother, Evan Spiegel. [1]

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