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Photo of the Dalai Lama​ taken by Peter Rupercht [4]

Peter Ruprecht (born 1976) is an award winning photographer​ and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California​. [8]​ [6]​ [5]

Early Life & Education

Peter Ruprecht was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina​​ and is a descendant of Manuel Quintana​, a former President of Argentina​. From an early age, he had a taste for worldly culture​. [1] [6]

He later moved to the United States​ and attended Stratton Mountain School​ in Stratton, Vermont​. In 1993, Rupercht graduated from Killington Mountain School (KMS), a ski academy and high school in Killington, Vermont​. At the age of 18, Rupercht was ranked as one of the top five skiers in the United States​. [6]​ [5]​ [8]

Rupercht graduated from Dartmouth College​ in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts​ in Economics​. At Dartmouth, he was a member of the ski team. [5]​ [6]


Photo of Paris Hilton​ taken by Peter Ruprecht at Burning Man​​ [10]

After graduating from Dartmouth, Peter Ruprecht worked for leading companies including Merrill Lynch​, PricewaterhouseCoopers​, and Blast Radius. [8]​ [5]

In 2001, Ruprecht took an extended two-month journey to India​ where he took some of the first photographs that would later seed his artistic career. [6]​ [8]

In 2004, amidst his thriving executive career in the interactive and management space, Ruprecht returned to Argentina and co-founded Forza Films, a documentary production company that has produced work for leading networks including Discovery Channel​ and ESPN​. As partner at ForzaFilms, Peter honed his eye for video and still imagery production which solidified his creative passion into a professional career. [8]​ [6]

Photo for Ciroc​ taken by Peter Ruprecht [4]

After leaving Argentina in 2006, Peter joined Opera Solutions​, a strategic management consulting​ company, and began traveling the world extensively for business and pleasure, carrying a camera and amassing his extensive collection of photographic work. [6]​ [8]

While consulting for Opera Solutions, Peter’s photography was becoming an increasing focus in his professional development culminating in a position he was offered in 2007 by Marc Ecko​ Enterprises. Peter left Opera Solutions and joined Marc Ecko and his team, where he also served as Vice President of New Media as well as Marc Ecko’s personal photographer. [6]​ [8]

In 2009, he set off to make photography his sole source of income and entered the world of commercial photography​, shooting for clients such as L'Oréal​, Timex​, Ecko​, Ciroc​, Disney​, Red Bull​, and CNN​. Peter Ruprecht has also photographed global icons and celebrities including the Dalai Lama​, Usher, and Paris Hilton​. [6]​ [8]​ [11]

Artistic Style

Peter Ruprecht is a self taught​ photographer, and is a recipient of the prestigious Angkor photography award. He aims to capture the natural spirit of people and places all across the world. Like many of his subjects, Ruprecht himself is nomadic​, wandering amidst the greatness of the world. Through his distinctly honest and deliberate approach, Peter intensifies the relationships between the viewer and subject, achieving immediate emotional and spiritual presence, while inviting the viewer to consider the ideas and feelings of the subject, and the eternal soul within all people. [8]​ [6]

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