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A GIF of Smokepurpp from his Ski Mask video.

A GIF of Smokepurpp from his Ski Mask video.

**** Omar Jeffery Pineiro (born May 15th, 1997), known professionally by his stage name Smokepurpp, is an American rapper and producer from Miami, Florida. [8] [13]Smokepurpp became prominent in 2016, after several songs he uploaded to SoundCloud received millions of plays. Some of Smokepurpp's notable tracks include "Sam$ung Jumpin", "Ski Mask", "Work Hard", "Six Rings", and "No Smoke". He is signed to Todd Moscowitz's Alamo Records, a label under Interscope and Travis Scott's imprint Cactus Jack Records. [7] [31] [30] [8] [2]

Pineiro released his debut commercial mixtape Deadstar on September 28, 2017, and the mixtape peaked at number 42 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

[37] [31]

Personal Life

Piñero was born in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois. His mother is of Hispanic descent, while his father is of mixed ethnicity. Piñero's family relocated to Dade County when he was only 3 or 4 years old. He has stated in an interview with Hotnewhiphop that the area that he grew up in was "not the nicest area", and that there was a lot of criminal activity around where he grew up. [19]Smokepurpp took an interest in drugs at a young age. He began smoking marijuana in the 8th grade, and began using xanax at the age of 16, and even dabbled in selling xanax. [6]Piñero attended North Gardens High School. He dropped out during his senior year of high school. He is best friends with rapper Lil Pump.

Musical Career

Piñero began his career in music as a producer, working with popular DAW FL Studio. Piñero learned how to use the program after watching tutorial videos on YouTube. [6]He was attracted to being a producer because he did not like the attention that comes with being a rapper, and preferred to stay behind the scenes. [21]Piñero has stated in multiple interviews that he was not able to find success as a producer because his beats were not very good, and that no one wanted to rap over them. [19]After failing to find success in production, Smokepurpp decided to start rapping, initially rapping over his own instrumentals. His first song to reach major success was "Sam$ung Jumpin". [6]

In March 2017, Pineiro signed a record deal with Todd Moscowitz’s new label Alamo Records under Universal Music Group. He also received a diamond chain worth $50,000 as a bonus gift. [31] [30] ****

On September 6, 2017, Smokepurpp released the single, "Bless yo Trap", produced by Ice Bream. [44]

Smokepurpp released his album DEADSTAR on September 29, 2017 under Alamo Records.

On the production front, Purpp enlisted marquee names including TM88, Ronny J and Harry Fraud with features of Chief Keef and Yo Gotti [37] [31]

On the same day of the release of his debut project, Pineiro also signed to Travis Scott's label "Cactus Jack Records" and was gifted a chain. [28]

Musical style

Smokepurpp is described as a "soundCloud rapper" and his musical style as being lo-fi rap, and trap. [2] [32]Pineiro's music contains lyrical themes regarding topics such as drug use particularly xanax. [35] [33] [2]

Social Media presence

Pineiro like his best friend and fellow Florida rap star, Lil Pump, also posts Instagram stories of him receiving oral sex from female fans. [10]

Musical Influences

Piñero has stated that his favorite artist is rapper Chief Keef. He also cites Lil Wayne, ** Gucci Mane , and Young Thug as influences. [6]He has been co-signed by Lil Yachty, DJ Carnage, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, and Travis Scott. [30] [31] [35]

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