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Loski is a Drill rapper from Kennington, South London. [1]


Loski is the son of Brixton rapper and PDC member Ty Nizzle. His mother studied English literature and History and Loski thinks he got his love of storytelling from her, his favorite novels being Donald Goines’ Black Gangster and Walter Dean Myers’*Monster. His musical influences were a bit different, he loves Chicago Drill rap, like Lil Jojo, Chief Keef and others. [1]

At 16 he was a member of the Kennington-based crew Harlem Spartans, gaining a cult following with "Teddy Bruckshot," "Money & Beef," and "Forrest Gump".

In 2018 he struck out on his own and debuted his first mixtape, even though it was self-released it still landed on the top 50 in the UK charts. [3]

Loski achieved a new level of stardom after Toronto rapper Drake gave him a cosign and credited him as an influence on his Scorpion album. Loski was in disbelief, he told Complex: [2]

"See, the Drake thing, I thought it was kind of fake,” Loski recalled. “He keeps messaging me and commenting on my Instagram stuff. Before, there’s a group Harlem Spartans, my friends—he followed that page before, but no one messaged him, so he didn’t DM it. Then my manager was like, ‘Message him. Go for it.’ So I messaged him, I just said, ‘Yo.’ And hes, like, ‘What you sayin’ G?’ And I’m, like, ‘Whaaaat?!? That’s mad.’ "


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