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Drake may refer to:


  • A male duck

  • Drake (mythology), a term related to and often synonymous with dragon


  • Drake (surname) for people with the family name "Drake"

  • Drake (given name)

  • Drake baronets, three titles in the Baronetage of England and one in the Baronetage of Great Britain

  • Drake (musician) (born 1986), Canadian hip-hop recording artist


Buildings and facilities

  • Drake Hotel (disambiguation)

  • Drake Field, a public-use airport south of Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Drake Fountain, Chicago, Illinois

  • Drake Memorial Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, notable as a locale for crimes by serial killer Donald Harvey

Inhabited places

United States

  • Drake, Arizona, an unincorporated community

  • Drake, Colorado, an unincorporated community

  • Drake, Illinois, an unincorporated community

  • Drake, Kentucky, an unincorporated community

  • Drake, Missouri, an unincorporated community

  • Drake, North Dakota, a town

  • Drake, South Carolina, an unincorporated community

  • Drake Park, Bend, Oregon


  • Drake County, New South Wales, Australia

  • Drake, New South Wales, a parish and rural community

  • Drake, Saskatchewan, Canada, a village

  • Drake (ward), a ward in the city of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Natural features

  • Drake Passage, between Cape Horn and Antarctica

  • Drake Head, Oates Land, Antarctica, a headland

  • Drake Icefall, Ellsworth Land, Antarctica


  • HMS Drake

  • Drake-class cruiser, a Royal Navy class of armoured cruisers in service up to 1920

  • Drake (ship), various ships

Schools and educational facilities

  • Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, United States Drake Bulldogs, the school's athletic program Drake Stadium (Drake University), a sports facility on the campus Drake Fieldhouse, an athletic facility

  • Drake Stadium (UCLA), University of California, Los Angeles

  • Drake Field (stadium), Auburn University

  • Drake Performance and Event Center, Ohio State University

  • J. F. Drake Middle School, Auburn, Alabama

  • O. B. Drake Middle School, Arvada, Colorado

  • Drake Planetarium and Science Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Fictional characters and elements


  • Drake (Dragonheart), the main character in the film Dragonheart: A New Beginning

  • Drake (Stonekeep), the main character in the video game Stonekeep

  • Drake (One Piece), a character in the anime series One Piece

  • Drake (Jewel Riders), a character in the animated series Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

  • Drake (Blade character), a character in the film Blade: Trinity

  • Drake (Pokémon), the leader of the Orange Crew in Pokémon

  • Drake (Elite Four), a member of the Hoenn Elite Four in Pokémon

  • Kamen Rider Drake, a character in the series Kamen Rider Kabuto

  • Drake Parker, a character portrayed by Drake Bell in the TV sitcom Drake & Josh

  • Drake Mallard, also known as Darkwing Duck, the titular character in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck

  • John Drake (Danger Man), the main character in the British spy TV series Danger Man

  • Nathan Drake (character), the main character in the video game series Uncharted

  • Drake, an evil government inspector, the lead villain in the series K-9

  • Drake, an evil penguin from Don Bluth's The Pebble and the Penguin

  • Timothy Drake, the third Robin and the third Red Robin, characters from DC Comics

  • The Drake, the main antagonist in the movie Hobo with a Shotgun

Other fictional elements

  • The Drake, the fictional hotel that is the subject of the U.S. TV series 666 Park Avenue

  • Drake, a Caldari battlecruiser in the video game Eve Online

Other uses

  • Battle of Goodenough Island or Operation Drake, a World War II battle

  • Drake Supermarkets, an Australian chain

See also

  • R. L. Drake Company, electronics manufacturer

  • Drake equation

  • Drake House (disambiguation)

  • Drake's (disambiguation), a list of Drake's and Drakes


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