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Lil Toe is a Satirical Rapper ​ played by Ian Hecox ​. [2]

His producer's name is Young ISIS, named after the terrorist group ISIS ​. [2]

The video was created as a mockery of 21 Savage ​, XXXTentacion ​, Lil Pump ​, Teka$hi69 (6ix9ine) ​. [1]

Lil Toe's video was posted by Smosh ​ and received over 3 million views between Facebook ​ and YouTube ​ within two months. [2] [1]

Lil Toe has bright, Rainbow ​ colored hair, and raps about absurd topics using repetitive lyrics. He raps a song in which the only lyric is "Supreme" for 5 hours. [2]

Lil Toenail

Riff Raff

Lil B

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