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Lil Toenail

Lil Toenail

Lil Toenail performing live

Lil Toenail performing live

Lil Toenail, also known as Lil Toe, is an American rapper from West Palm Beach, Florida. [3] [2] He is best known for his breakthrough songs "Suck my Nutz", "Why Do You Look Like a Frog", "Off da Leash", and "Fuck Shit." [3] [6] [2]


Lil Toenail used to wear a custom toe costume for public appearances.

[3] [6] [2] His identity is unknown. [3]

Musical Career

In June 2017, Lil Toenail gain widespread recognition in the hip hop community after releasing "Fuck Shit" remix with Riff Raff. [3]

Since then, he released five music videos:Wake Up,* Search Me Up*,* MHM Freestyle*,* BLOOD ON MY TIMBSand VISA*.* Wake Up*,* Search Me Upand VISAhit 1 million views, while MHM Freestyle* reached 3 million views.[24]

On October 2, 2019, Lil Toe released a new song Cash Out.

Musical Style

Highsnobiety writer Danny Schwartz described Lil Toenail as a prototypical Soundcloud rapper who simultaneously subverts and fufills SoundCloud rap tropes. [25]

In many ways Lil Toe fits the mould of a prototypical SoundCloud rapper.

One Instagram post he’s menacing the camera with a rifle, the next he’s basking in the presence of a young woman’s wobbling derriere.

He prefers the friendly confines of hyper-distorted low ends and sub-3-minute tracks.

When he raps, he toggles between an ominous moan and a vocal cord-shredding howl.

His meditations on his unquenchable horniness, such as “Suck My Nutz,” have racked up millions of plays.

What distinguishes Lil Toe from his peers is the way he alternately fulfills and subverts these SoundCloud rap tropes.

Most often, he fulfills them with his abrasive, womanizing music and subverts them with moments of vulnerability and self-deprecation on social media.

He has the range – to constantly boast about the frequency with which he has sex and then go and let everyone know he has chlamydia and a micropenis, to simultaneously tote guns and position himself as an anti-drug crusader.

Like all the great internet rappers – Soulja Boy, Lil B, iLoveMakonnen – Lil Toe contains multitudes.

His enigmatic persona has already made him an online cult hero.

Before long, it likely will have made him a full-blown internet sensation.

Personal Life

Lil Toenail is against drug use, he has never tried alcohol, weed, or any other drug; rather, he has been known to literally light up a french fry and take imaginary pulls as though it were a joint.

His song “PotaToe Pack” is a celebration of this lifestyle choice (“Bitch, I got the pack/ That potato sack”).

One of his favorite pastimes is shooting bongs and beer cans into smithereens.

“I want to do everything in my power to motivate people to get up and do great things in this world and within themselves,” he wrote on Instagram in November.

“One of my biggest goals is to open free rehab centers across the country to help people with drug addictions.

Who cares if i carry guns and fuck bitches in the throat?

The goal is to prevent everybody from abusing drugs.”


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