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Jonci k. Hopson

Jonci k. Hopson

Jonci K. Hopson is a 17 year-old girl from Orlando, Florida who became infamous in the Facebook after users claimed she faked her own kidnapping. She is still missing and it is an active investigation. [undefined]

She is a fan of Kodak Black and Drake. She shares a lot of funny material filled with ironies and twist of fate content on her Facebook. [1]


Jonci was born in Mississippi and raised in Florida. She attended Chain of Lakes Middle School and in Orlando she attended Dr. Phillips High School. [1]

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In the early morning of January 9th, 2017, it was reported by the Orlando Police Department that Jonci had been missing from her home for several hours since the night before after her family failed multiple times to get in touch with her. Police said Hopson may be in the International Drive area in clubs or hotels. [undefined]

The report by OPD states that Jonci was last seen wearing a black tank top, black spandex shorts, black boots and black stockings.

Her hair is in a ponytail and she may be wearing hazel contacts.

She has brown eyes and brown hair that may be colored blond.


Friend on Facebook suggests that Jonci is a runaway and is not missing.

Friend on Facebook suggests that Jonci is a runaway and is not missing. [666666]

A Facebook user expresses that even if Jonci is not missing, she still might need help.

A Facebook user expresses that even if Jonci is not missing, she still might need help. [666666]

Due to the personality that Jonci exhibits to her friends and family, many who know her personally were conflicted as to whether she is truly missing.

That is, whether it is fact that she is missing, or a fabrication made Jonci herself or someone who knows her.

Some have shown compassion for her as a missing girl, including her mother who on her Facebook writes:

"Please share this: Jonci Hopson IS NOT SUICIDAL, but is an ENDANGERED MISSING CHILD!

Please DIAL 911 or contact ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT DETECTIVE K. BREWSTER @407.246.3950 OR 321.235.5300 if anyone see her or know her whereabouts."


Others have said that Jonci is not a missing or kidnapped girl, she is a runaway.

Others have made jokes about the situation on Jonci's Facebook, while others have expressed their condolences.

People have also taken the time to express good vibes to the city of Orlando as Jonci was announced missing around the same day that officer Debra Clayton was killed by fugitive Markeith Loyd. [666666]

She is still considered missing by the authorities despite the confusion on Social media, and they have not announced that she's been found. [undefined]


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