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Debra Clayton

Debra Clayton

Officer Debra Clayton

Officer Debra Clayton

Debra Clayton was a master sergeant who served the Orlando Police Department for 17 years. She died during a heated scuffle when she tried to apprehend Markeith Loyd, a fugitive wanted as a suspect for the death of Sade Dixon, who was pregnant at the time.


On the morning of Monday, January 9th, 2017, at around 7:15 a.m., Markeith Loyd, a wanted man, was at a Walmart wearing a security uniform when he was recognized by another shopper. The shopper quickly caught up with Officer Clayton, who was putting some bags in the trunk of the vehicle she was driving. The Walmart costumer revealed to her that man inside the store was a fugitive the police were looking for.

Officer Clayton recognized him as a wanted man as well and apprehended him.

Markeith did his best to get a way from her attempts to make the arrest, but it was too late.

She went after him until Markeith pulled out his gun and shot her nine times.

Markeith then fled the scene as police back up were arriving.

He was able to take off on foot.

He was later seen inside a Red Honda civic.

Dozens of police vehicles descended on the area around the intersection of Pine Hills Road and North Lane, just south of Royal Oaks and Pineview apartments on a report of an officer-involved shooting.

There were more than 50 units near the the vicinity of the street block where Markeith's aparment complex is located.

Police offiers also conducted Roadblocks and searches.

They threw everything possible to find the suspect.

People in the neighborhood locked their doors until police officers cleared them.

Officer Clayton still had vital signs when she was transported in an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

She fell to the gunshots and passed away.


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