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Jennifer Rankin (Journalist)

Jennifer Rankin (Journalist)

Jennifer Rankin is an award winning journalist based in Brussels. She serves as Brussels correspondent at The Guardian. [undefined] [1] [undefined]


She first came to Brussels in 2006 as a winner of the Nico Colchester journalism fellowship, awarded by The Economist and the Financial Times. [undefined]

A three-month placement at the Economist turned into a five-year stay in Brussels, where she was a reporter for the EU affairs weekly European Voice and also wrote for some British newspapers, including The Independent and The Scotsman. [undefined]

She joined the Guardian in London in 2013 and was posted to Brussels in 2015. Other reporting stints include working in Moscow, where she helped to cover elections and street protests for Reuters and the Irish Times in 2012-13. [undefined]

Before journalism, she was a researcher at the Institute for Public Policy Research and studied at Cambridge University and Oxford University. [undefined]


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