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Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek is a YouTube and Instagram star that rose to prominence through his presence in David Dobrik's 'Vlog Squad'.

Life and Career

Jeff was born and raised in Staten Island, New York.Jeff was arrested when he was 21 for Drug possession and dealing charges.He found fame online as a Vine personality under the persona American Jeff.Through his Vine connections he starred in a short film alongside his former girlfriend Cierra Ramirez and his friends Rudy Mancuso and Anwar Jibawiin 2015.[1]

Currently he runs a YouTube channel with over 1M subscribers.On his channel he runs a series called 'Jeff's Barbershop' where he cut's someones hair while interviewing them.Recently he got in hot water for setting up Cody Ko to be confronted by Jake Paul while Cody was on the podcast.[3]

Jeff is also prominent on Instagram where he has 1.8M followers as of June 2019.[2]

Personal Life

Jeff used to date actress Cierra Ramirez during his Vine days, However, they have since broken up.


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