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Jaddah Rodgers

Jaddah Rodgers

Lawrence Asbury, the abductor

Lawrence Asbury, the abductor

Jaddah Lashay Rodgers is a 16-year-old from Beckley, WV. She enjoys posting mirror pics of herself on Facebook.

Abduction by Lawrence Asbury

On December 28th, an AMBER Alert was created for Rodgers. She was abducted from a Walgreens parking lot on Byrd Drive in Beckley at 6 p.m. Rodgers was kidnapped by a 20-year-old white male named Lawrence Asbury. [1]

Photos suggest that they have been accompanied with each other in the past.

They are reported to be driving in a 1995, 2 door red Chevrolet Blazer with the West Virginia license plates 5ZZ359.

Jaddah Rodgers is described as being 5'4'', weighing 115 lbs, and having black hair and black eyes.

Police believe she is in extreme danger.


Anyone with any information is urged to call the Beckley Police Department at 304-256-1720.

Found Safe

On December 29th, Rodgers was found safe and Asbury was apprehended.


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